Episode 5: When Rifle becomes hyper

<< Episode 4: The protective wings



Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Fixing some stuffs

At this point in time, I already have bought a sheet of wateslide decals so I decided to place the decals on some parts I’ve missed due to errors. However, I didn’t put the dumb looking black rectangles on the wings because to me, they look dumb. Doesn’t add any appeal on the kit, IMO.


At this point in time, I already have finished lining the kit, even painting the yellow parts so what’s left to do is putting the decals and topcoating the kit. The kit comes with gray decals and tow of them are to be placed on the energy pack. However, I accidentally removed them, again like the usual accidents that occur to me when I have just finished placing a small amount of Mt. Mark Setter on the decal. So I used the one that comes with it on the kit, the dry transfers. However, I didn’t put them that well. When I looked upon the decal sheet, it had the same decal, it’s just that it’s on white text rather than gray. I actually prefer that because it stands out more. So I removed, again, the decals and replaced them with the white ones. I painted the tube with chrome and it looks nice. Used seal for the scope to be consistent on the kit throughout.

Hyper Mega Launcher

Decals are easy to put because it only has two. Like on the rifle, I have already finished lining this and painted the tube part with chrome. I was able to finished everything in just that afternoon including the fixes and I even got some sleep on the process.

Here they are together including the missile launchers whose design you’ll not see, oh sad.

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