Episode 1: Leg, the one who left


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


I don’t expect this MG to be any less complicated as it’s a transformable unit. I had experience with a similar one, MG Zeta Plus A1, so I already have an idea on how things will be done. I thought of doing the part that I think is the hardest, the legs.

Well, as expected, it really is the hardest! I started by doing the left leg first and I think I’ll do this trend at the arms and wings as well. Things didn’t go smoothly and though I expected some difficulties, I never expected to break something like the armor. First of all, this armor found on the leg isn’t thin, second, I didn’t expected that it’ll hold to the frame that much and lastly, I’m sick while I was doing this. You can say I’m not at full strength and is currently weak.

You know that my thing is coloring some parts with metallic silver right? Well, I kinda did it here to, but I replaced it with Chrome and it’s something I really really really regret. Chrome spray paints are only available in enamel form. Enamel is the weakest type of paint among the three where lacquer and acryic are the other two. Now the luster for most of it are gone. Anyway, I’ve learned my lesson here. I don’t want to stip any paint here so I’ll let it be.

I did a bit of masking here. I had to because Bandai wasn’t able to pull off a stickerless Zeta 2.0. I painted these parts with Tamiya’s Chrome Yellow (what a very wrong name for a paint that has no chrome property at all). This kind of yellow is different from the yellow that this kit originally comes with. If I’m over OC, I could’ve painted all the yellow with Tamiya’s, but seeing them from afar, the difference in shades aren’t obvious (for a bit of a color blind person like me).

The pink clear stickers is not your usual stickers. It’s VERY THIN. It’s nothing like the clear stickers we get for the markings. Putting the clear pink stickers is very difficult. It’s doable, but there are many factors to consider before you can put it properly and perfect. First, your hands must be clean. I don’t think anyone was able to put the stickers without actually touching the sticky part underneath. It’s so big that using tweezers won’t give you much control compared when using your own fingers for it. So fingerprint marks might exist, but don’t worry since they aren’t obvious. Also, if you inked this kit and there are leftover marks in you fingers, those marks will stick in the stickers when you touch the sticky part. This is the mistake I’ve done many times as I’ve been doing this kit. Second, always have patience. If you lack this, then most likely, you’ll get some bubbles here and there. I think some parts are unavoidable, but most are. I’ve had some bubbly parts even though I’m patient
enough (not the recommended amount though, haha). Big ones are unforgivable.

Since I don’t have any waterslide for this kit (at this point in time of the build), I’ve got no choice but to use the dry decal and clear sticker combination. I messed up a lot of it. There are two clear stickers for the legs that I wasn’t able to put because I messed it up. I can maybe put it again once I get my hands on the waterslide decals, but for now, I’ll leave them be blank.

So here’s the comparison between the left and right leg. The difference aren’t much obvious except for the panel lines and pink stickers. The flat coat effect doesn’t really come out on the pics, but trust me, they do add appeal. Of course, it’s white, that’s why.

Before the end the day, I was able to start doing the other leg. What’s left is the topcoating part.

Episode 2: Leg, the one who is right and friends >>

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