Episode 2: Leg, the one who is right and friends

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


I was so glad about this day because I was very productive. I was able to finish the right leg early in the morning. Of course, I only had to do the topcoating with this and I’m done.


The part that I’m most excited about is the waist unit. It’s so solidly white, looks plain and really needs some details. But apart from those, I really really want to see how it will look once the decal of white unicorn has been put. I must be careful because it’s a dry transfer type. Thankfully the surface is plain flat. On the side note, there are extra decals that this kit has, this specific decal that I’m excited to put is one of these, that the original kit Zeta 2.0 didn’t have. Unfortunately, placing those decals is completely up to you because it wasn’t specified in the manual, even though it’s made spcifically for this variation and not the regular MG Zeta 2.0. I just took the inspiration of putting this decal from rrobbert284 of gundam.tk. Doing the waist unit is very easy that’s why while I was doing the topcoat, I’ve started doing the torso unit.


On the torso unit, well, there’s nothing difficult here, just dismanttling things here and there is quite a worry. I have already broken a peg here, though it can still able to do the ab crunch, I’m afraid of breaking the remaining peg. So in the end, I never disamantled parts completely. On the process of doing the kit, I haven’t painted some of the innerframe with flat coat because I’m afraid of joints getting too stiff and that’ll cause pegs to break. And on some, I’m afraid that it’ll just get scratched and that’s worse than seeing parts not flat coated.

Putting the pink clear stickers is very easy since they’re small and they look good on a white part.

Arms And Shoulders

This is where the things get complicated, the arms. Well, I first started on the left arm, like I did for the legs. There’s quite a tedious masking I’ve done here. One is for the yellow trim for the shoulders. Second is the yellow trim for the arms. This one’s easire to mask actually. I tried to mask it on a semi-OC manner, but you can always do it your way. I masked it that way because I’m afraid that the yellow paint might be too thick and will clog the armor parts when I put them back together. Lastly, the most tedious is the pipings. Damn, this is where I really regret using chrome. I couldn’t to the two piping together. I can’t mask the space in between so I decided to paint the pipings one by one. In the process of doing this, I had to mask the chromed part. Knowing how weak these enaml chrome paints are, there luster went from 10 to 2. They look, errr! I haven’t even masked on of the pipings properly. Oh well. masking the pipes is such an easy task before topcoating, so if I have used metallic silver,
then everything will most likely been great.

The only clear pink stickers is found on the left the shoulder, the legendary and iconic “A” symbol. After sticking this one out, I have noticed the difference of the pink as to result of putting it over a gray part against putting it over a white part. The latter stands out more because the white makes the pink brighter. So overall, there are three kinds of pink that can be seen in the kit. One is the plastic one, second is the pink clear sticker over the white part and the last is the pink clear sticker over gray part. Reason for this is that the pink clear sticker has low opacity. Oh well, I wish it’s the same because for me, markings should have the same color. Anyway, a small nitpick and totally can be overlooked or ignored.

If I’m on OC mode, I could’ve painted the inner details of the yellow thrusters with gray. But for me, this kit has too much gray already. Though it offsets everything, I think it has enough gray already. Besides, I don’t want to build this kit looking all mechanical. It’s meant to be beautiful and not really mechy like. So in the end, I’ve just lined them with black.

A comparison between the right and left arms and shoulders.

Episode 3: The orthodox head with tail >>

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