Episode 3: The orthodox head with tail

<< Episode 2: Leg, the one who is right and friends



Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Right Arm and Shoulder

I haven’t done anything with the right arm before the end of the day yesterday, so I had to do everything early in the morning. That took a bit of a time, but still, very easy. Well, at least I’m done now with the arms and shoulders.


Head is easy, as of expected. What disappoints me is that the backhead camera isn’t a clear part. It can only be recreated using a seal. Now that forces me to use the seals. Well, that’s fine with me, but this is a white kit. It could’ve been better if I use a clear paint for the camera instead of seals because it will stand out more.


The tail binder is easy except for the part of putting the pink clear stickers. They’re big, so be wary of that. I’ve had it dirty, yes, kinda. So yeah. I’m thankful that this pink clear sticker exists because it makes the kit stand out more.

Before the end of the day, I was able to start with the wings. Problem I had is that I don’t have any super glue. Wonder what’s that for? Well, if you have time to listen to my story, go ahead. You can skip it by following this insta teleporter

I bought this kit from a guy who had extra kits. Most of the kits he sells are his extras, don’t know why he had extras and not that I’m interested to know his reasons but yeah. He is a pro modeller, well for me and I think most people I know will agree. He gave me a tip in using superglue for the pink clear stickers and topcoat the kit ASAP after putting them. That’s to seal off the clear stickers completely. He even told me to cutt off the excess.

teleporter over

Finished kit without wings and accessories.

Episode 4: The protective wings >>

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