Episode 4: The protective wings

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend



Using superglue will prevent the stickers from peeling over. I forgot if he told me where to specifically put the glue on, but I have the idea that it must be put on the edges and only to those parts that has the tendency to peel off. The wings and shield are the only parts that has the tendency to peel off due to sliding gimmicks. Based on rrobbert284’s review, he had some problems on the wings and on the shield so that’s it. However, I did not do what he said about cutting off the excess. It’s hard for me to cut off the excess properly. I mean, I couldn’t not cut straight. I can’t even draw a straight line, haha! So I just left the excess and placed some superglue on those. Well, it worked! I’m transformed the kit once, and seldom play with the wings and no signs of peeling off even a bit.

Breaking a thin piece of plastic on the wings while disassembling it.

Lining is easy as I’ve used the ever reliable Tamiya’s Panel Accent Marker. Well, I’ve used the combination of this and my copic marker.

Decals for the wings are plentiful However, I messed up 3 of them, one on the left, and one on the right. BTW, I started doing the right wing the day before. So early in the morning I was able to topcoat and finish the right wing. Then followed soon by the right wing.

Comparison between the right and the left.


The shield has only a few pieces so even though it’s tedious to glue the edges of the stickers, I was still able to finish them very easily and quickly. It even only has a few seals so, yeah.

A bit of that rifle

I already started on the rifle by the end of the day. It’s good thing to see that it has (sorry for the lack of better term but I call it) natural seamlines. Though the ammo clip and gray part underneath still has seamline, they aren’t hard to remove.

Lining is fun since I used, for most of it, Tamiya’s PAM (Panel Accent Marker). I had to a minor masking to do because it also has that yellow trim.

Episode 5: When Rifle becomes hyper >>

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