Part 1: Review


Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


1. Out of the Box (10/10)

The boxart is COOL! It’s good to see that this limited/online exclusive release by Bandai isn’t like the regular. Nowadays, they tend to be uncool. Even the manual is different from the regular. Well, let us say that decal numbering is different from regular. It even has a sticker sheet that doesn’t exist on the regular so a new manual is kinda justified.

Plate A

It’s your usual 4 colored Plate A having yellow, white, gray and clear colors. Looking at the yellow pieces, it seems that you’ll have no problem with the yellow parts on he kit. But you are dead wrong and I’ll explain in second.

Plate B

Two identical pink plates here. These are the only pink plates you’ll get for the kit and the rest will be made outof stickers that you have to put over gray and white parts.

Plate C

The first pure white colored plate. It has parts for the legs and mostly for the waist unit.

Plate D

Two identical white plates here. As I can see, most of the armor parts here will be used for the legs.

Plate E

Another pure white plate here. As you can see, most parts here will compose the Hyper Mega Launcher. Judging by its size, it’s gonna be hell lot a big.

Plate F

The first two pure gray plates and yes, they’re identical.

Plate G

A single gray plate here. Most of the parts will go on the wings.

Plate H

The first charcoal colored and inner frame plate. Well, it also contains pieces to make up the rifle.

Plate I

Another inner frame plate. As you can see, it contains the parts for the hands. Unfortunately, this kit doesn’t come with the 2.0 hands even though this kit is a 2.0 version.

Plate J

Two identical inner frame plates here. Obviously, these are the parts that will compose the leg’s and arm’s inner frame.

Plate M

Black plate that contains parts for the included display base. The base is quite big and takes up space, but it is quite good looking because it’s a launching pad.

Plate N

This plate is soo small, reason is it’s made up of soft plastic specifically to be used for its v-fin. It has no extra v-fin, sadly.

Big Chunky Launching Pad Base

Well, the title says it all.


Well, it has quite a number of parts here and I’m not even sure if this was specifically made for Zeta.


That big sheet of pink sticker is an EYESORE!! Well, it’s just a joke. we can’t really do anything about it actually. One could wish that instead of bringing us an over thin sticker sheet like this, a water slide could be better. Honestly, I’m quite doubtful about the use of water slides. For some stickers, the smaller ones, that could work. But for bigger ones, that will absolutely be difficult to use if those are water slides. Water slides are harder to handle, the bigger they are.

It also comes with your usual clear sticker, dry transfer and foil stickers that the original Zeta had. However, this comes with extra set of dry-transfers. It does have white unicorn decals which absolutely looking nice! Be warned though that the arrangement of decals on this set is different from the original release. I bought MG Zeta 2.0 waterslide decals and noticed some discrepancies. I’ll discuss it in detail in my build review.

The foil stickers, argh!!! Did you see the yellow ones? They are a lot, that just means that some yellow details are actually stickers, foil stickers, instead of yellow plastic parts. Now i have to paint. I have high expectations because this is a 2.0. That’s just sad.

It also comes with your regular pink beam saber effect parts.

Manual looks GOOD! As I’ve told you, it’s different from the original release. Well, upon seeing the difference between the numbering of decals for both, it’s really understandable as to why they’re different.

2. Step-by-step build (7/10)

It’s a transformable MS and giving it a score of 7 might be justified. Well, it’s 7 not because it’s a transformable one but because it’s fragile. Handle this one with care.

What I like about this manual is that it shows what specific parts you’ll use in each runner. I usually only see the runner that you’ll use to construct a part, but never I have seen that they encircled it and give it emphasis.


It does have clear part, however, it’s only made for the eyes and the forehead camera. The back doesn’t have any and I usually paint the clear parts for the head when the kit is white. This time, I can’t do it. So I’m forced to use seals this time.


Torso is a bit tad complicated, but I feel familiar in building this kit, so I haven’t had much difficulty putting things together.

Upon building this part, it looks too plain. Very plain. Inking is very recommended. Besides, pink stickers will be used to improve the appeal of this part anyway.

Arms and Shoulders

I’m so sorry that I don’t have any a pic of the parts for the arms and shoulders. I know I have it, but I maybe I got deleted it in the process.

The construction isn’t that hard, it has its own complications. You can go ahead and put the yellow foil stickers but I did not because I’m planning to paint this, obviously. Hands aren’t 2.0, like I’ve said earlier, but only on a standard thumb, trigger finger, three finger split with a peg.

Be careful of the missile opening gimmick as the panel that opens up sometimes gets stuck and if you force it like I did, you’ll break it. Well, I manage to put it back, but it ain’t as stable as before.


It’s a tad plain when you finish it. It’s pure white with some gray inner frame so inking this part is highly recommended. Well, the gray thrusters are cool looking, but it won’t be see unless you look from below so that’s kinda sad.

As for the construction goes, it’s very easy. At this time, MGs aren’t that fully inner framed that’s why the front and back skirts doesn’t have any.

Legs and Feet

It has quite number of parts but I’m willing to bet that it this was made recently or up-to-date, then this could have even more number of parts.

As for construction goes, for as long as you look at the manual, you’ wont get lost. I didn’t, so I assume you also do. For sure, it’s complex and all of it will come to play when you transform this guy. This also has a gimmick wherein if you push the feet up, it’ll reveal a cute tiny pink thrusters.

The inner frame has some good and yummy details that you can paint up yourself. But I’m not that kinda of guy so I’ll skip that, though I got to admit that it’s sooo tempting. There are lacking details on the legs that can be address by putting yellow foil sticker provided to us.

Tail Binder

Another plain looking part, even though it has a gray part here, it’s just underneath and won’t be notice unless you look at it. Inking, again, is very recommended. Well, to tell you honestly, inking is very much recommended for all of its part, haha.

Construction is very easy because all you have to do is slap in parts. It doesn’t even have an inner frame.


I can’t believe that I lost two pics here, but I’m missing the pic for the built version of this part. Again, I’m sorry. I’ll just use the pic of comparison between the transcended wing and the snap built one.

It’s complicated just like the legs, but not as much.

For construction, it’s kinda easy but be careful on the thin pink part here. It is very thin and I broke mine, haha. Imagine this in RG, this could be as thin as a sticker, haha.


Shield comes with full inner frame, as to my surprise. It looks good, the white and gray really offsets each other.

Construction is easy as well, even without the manual, I think you can build this one yourself.

Beam Rifle

I’m just amazed on how the construction goes for this one. They have well thought about its seamlines and mostly were covered up. However, there are still some parts here that has one.

It looks good, even though it’ll be better if it has at least one more color at least to make it stand out more. It also has an extending gimmick.

Hyper Mega Launcher

One word, PLAIN! This is the most plain looking weapon with the word “hyper” on it. I’m talking about just the color and not how the weapon actually looks like. I recommend painting some parts with other color to give it more details. Also, just like the beam rifle, seamlines on this one are hidden. Well, it has one, but I overlooked at it

Construction is easy. It’s just that it has a lot of handles. If you think that this very long mega launcher isn’t long enough, you can go ahead and extend this even further. Soothe yourself 😛

Launching Pad

Sorry for missing out of the completed pad T_T So instead, I’ll be putting a picture of the launching pad in action.

It’s easier to construct than your usual action base 1. However, it’s most because this one was specifically made for Zeta 2.0 and this one isn’t as dynamic than action base 1.

3. Articulation and Posability (8/10)

A transforming kit is expected to have less articulation than usual. However, I think this one is decent. Like the situation I had with my MG Sinanju, I already have finished the kit and afraid to get scratches. Though I was able to do some poses, I think those are enough to showcase this MGs articulation.

I’ll try to discuss the most important parts here. It has a double joint elbows and can do stuffs that most common MG can except the missile gimmick. It has a double jointed knee. It can’t do splits though I had an impression that I can, however, as I’m trying my best to do so, I’m also afraid that it might break if I forcefully do it. It can’t rotate on the waist, just like your usually transformable MG, so that’s understandable. It can move a bit though.

Overall, its articulation is pretty standard. The major problem is that it has a lot of difficulty in posing on the ground. The balance is off, even without the wings attached.


4. Design (9/10)

Design could’ve been perfect, if not for the yellow foil stickers.

Overall, you could’ve been thinking that this kit only has ONE shade of pink. Well, you’re wrong. The pink shade of the stickers is much more lighter than the pink plastic parts around the kit. How, does it have two shades of pink then? Wrong again. Even though the pink stickers are uniform in color, since it is translucent, its color will change depending on where you put it against. It tends to be darker around darker areas and more bright for the lighter areas. Therefore, it has a total of 3 shades of pink.

The color scheme is nice, having the white and gray combination is really eye catchy. The gray isn’t the normal gray you find in Bandai kits. Heck, even the white seems whiter than the usual. The normal white, I think, has 90% white and 10-5% Gray. Overall, the colors they used here are pastel ones. That makes the kit stand out.

5. Gimmicks (2)

The transformation gimmick is superb. It is very stable. It’s annoying at the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it won’t be much of a problem. I also appreciate the fact that there are no parts that falls off during the course of transformation, in which the RG failed miserably. It’s a solid kit in both MS or MA mode. Good job Bandai!

6. Value (5/10)

Well, given that I bought this kit more than what it should’ve been, then I’m scoring it this low. I hope that you’ll buy this in a fair price.

7. Verdict (41/50)

Its score could’ve been 46 if not for the price. But then again, this is a P-Bandai exclusive. If you got this for the right price, then that’s amazing, good for you!

To sum up, The reasons for buying this kit are: You’re a zeta fan, you like the color scheme more than the original or you’re an Amuro fan. Or perhaps, all of them. The stickers are difficult to place, but if you read my guide, it’ll greatly help you.

Part 2: Build >>

8 Responses to “Part 1: Review”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    I want this kit 😦

  2. Mad Jeshiro Says:

    I was planning to do some repainting and this review helped me a lot to turn my 2.0 to a Karaba.

    the price is just right.. after all, it’s a P-bandai item which is very very very rare kit now :v
    Anyways, nice review

  3. Paolo Lorenzo Says:

    Where do you think I can buy this in Manila?

    • maknaedik Says:

      Nothing I can think of right now. Probably you can wait for the re-release. However, it’ll only be available via pre-order basis.

      • Paolo Lorenzo Says:

        Well I guess all I can do is wait huh? I just don’t quite get it why they did not re-release this kit when the Red and Grey Zeta came out.

      • maknaedik Says:

        Well, they did before that, it was last year I think. Perhaps another re-release will happen and all of them altogether :3

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