NG 1/100 Cherudim Gundam Desinger’s Color Version (review)

This is a non-red kit, but I still got this thing because this is the one I’ll be using as an entry to the Bandai Model Kit 2011 Philippines. Well, I should’ve entered a RED kit, but I figured that Designer’s Color line is much advantageous since its got extra clear stickers, which looks cool, and a LED unit. Among all Designer’s Color, this kit is my favorite. I like OO Raiser as well, but that’s MORE expensive that I’d rather get its MG, which is on its way already.

Anyway, let’s do the profiling shall we?

1. Info

Universe: Anio domini (AD)

Series: Gundam OO (2nd season)

Pilot: Neil Dylandy aka Lockon Stratos

Appeared in the Anime?: Yes

2. Out of the box (9/10)

The only reason why it’s not perfect is that I don’t like the way the box was designed. That simple.

3. Step-by-step Build (6/10)

Wow, it’s my first time seeing a clear polycap plate. I think it’s not the same with its regular counterpart. I don’t know the reason why they did this, but I LOVE IT!


The green parts in the front is weird. It’s basically just hanging in their. Though it’s not loose and it doesn’t fall off, it still bothersome thinking that it would. It comes with the clear piece for the neck, reason for it is because it needs to get the light through it so that it will reflect on the eyes.

Torso – seamline detected!

I really can’t believe when I saw this. A seamline, in a OO kit? Really? Even if it’s an NG, from the impression I got with Astrea, I think most of OO kits have minimal seamlines. But it does have plenty of it. Just like a Seed NG 😦

As you can see in the pic, its got at the side and a bit on the backpack.


I didn’t put the stickers for the eyes because I know that it does come with the LED and wanted to see the eyes lit-up. Overall, putting it together is simple.

Head – seamline detected!

Errr.. Again, I’m disappointed.

Arms, Hands and Shoulders

It has pegs at the side, makes me remember Zaku. It has an extra joint for the hands for extra articulation.

Arms, Hands and Shoulders – seamline detected!

Oh crap, when will this ever stop? One for the shoulders and one for the extra part in the arms.

Feet and Legs

Knee joints, though they can swivel almost like an MG, feels loose. It’s not stable at all and I didn’t love it XD The GN Shield bits isn’t even stable.

Feet and Legs – seamline detected!

Basically, it has it all over!!

GN Ass <- This is what most people call it, LOL!

I thought that the ass driver will take some time. But it really doesn’t. The nubs for the GN Shield bits are the most difficult task in this part.

GN Ass – seamline detected!

Argh! Nuff said

GN Sniper Rifle II

This thing is cool, it can turn to a submachine gun from a rifle. This can be pegged in either shoulders, but it’s recommended on the right. What’s really weird in this thing is it got a clear piece, which I suppose is the scope? Though I find it cool looking, it doesn’t make sense. Aren’t scopes supposed to be round, or at least facing forward and not sideways?

GN Sniper Rifle II – seamline detected!

Oh please T_T

GN Tomahawk/ GN Pistols

I’m not quite sure about its name, but that’s how I will name it if I were to name them. Anyway, it has 6 pieces in total, 3 for each. It can be pegged to Cherudim’s backpack as can be seen. You can swivel it to transform, however, it doesn’t really look cool IMO. Also, it does have a single color. Like what?! They didn’t even give us stickers. I guess this is supposed to be painted.

GN Tomahawk/ GN Pistols – seamline detected!

Don’t worry, this is the last one.


I really liked that they gave us with an extra stand here. Of course, Cherudim looks better when the shield bits are deployed.

No, no more seamline even here, so don’t worry. Besides, it’s a clear stand. It will look ugly if we cemented this.

4. Articulation and Poseability (8/10)

Well, this kit is well articulated compared to NG 1/100 Seed kits. But, it can’t split T_T I’m still bitter about it. Anyway, I can say that it can really pose, however, there’s this feeling that it’s not solid. The extra part at the back of its feet helps it pose. You just need to put it on the ground.

Head – can turn 360 degrees, thankfully.

Shoulders – There’s a hinge that you can pull out, that can rotate 180. The holder GN Shield bits and rifle can move up and down a bit. The shoulder pads can move up and down a bit. The rifle can turn 360.

Arms – can turn 360 on the shoulders. Can turn 360 below the shoulders. Can bend 180 degrees. It has an extra wrist joint the can move a bit. Hands are on a ball joint that can wiggle a bit and turn 360.

Torso – can rotate some.

Backpack – Can move side to side, up and down a bit. Has an extra part that holds holographic clear effect part and can turn 180.

Waist – Front skirts can move upwards a little over 90. Side skirts can move up and down a bit. Backskirts doesn’t move, but the GN ass can move up and down a bit.

Legs and Feet – double jointed. Has a full 180 bend. Can rotate 360 below the waist. It’s just loose. The knee pad can move separately, though it’s not solid. Has an extra part that connects between the feet and the legs. It can wiggle a bit. The feet has an extra part at the back and can move up and down for about 45 Feet can wiggle since it’s in a ball joint. Can’t do splits T_T

GN Sniper Rifle – Can transform from Sniper rifle to submachine gun?

GN Pistols – Can transform from pistols to tomahawk.


I really can’t pull off some GREAT poses. Maybe because I don’t feel like it. I will reshoot sometime later when I already finished this entire kit. I mean, when it’s already painted and such. I also don’t have any batteries yet for the LED unit, but that can wait.

You might notice on how the GN Ass can support it when it’s posing.

5. Design (6/10)

Of course, the colors of this kit is not really from the anime as its a “designer color version” so its purpose it to have a slightly different color from the original.

Overall, I liked how the colors were changed, unfortunately, I will have to change it. Well, I think the green that I’ll use is a lot better, but I really like the grey, white and red (pink actually).

It also gave us some bonus like clear polycaps and extra clear stickers all over. The most amazing part is the GN Shield bits, it looks awesome when those were assembled.

The major thing which I didn’t like inspite of giving us many bonuses is the number of seamlines. It’s basically everywhere. I don’t know why they can’t fix that when Astrea has only one. I bet Exia has the same amount with Astrea so why not to Cherudim as well? GN Pistols comes with only one color, what about that?

What’s there not to love about this kit when it have this?

6. Gimmicks (2)

Though it comes with a LED unit, clear polycaps and clear amazing stickers, I only gave it a 2 since the light can only be seen in the eyes. clear polycaps can’t really be seen and amazing stickers is not a gimmick since this kit is a designer’s color, you having those aren’t a surprise.

7. Value (8/10)

Ok, I think it’s really worth having, specially the LED unit. The colors are ok, but if not for the contest, I think I’ll choose the regular version than this. The amazing clear stickers are available as water slides so it’s not really that hard to obtain.

Verdict (39/50)


1. Kewl colors

2. LED unit

3. Clear polycaps

4. Clear stand (for Shield bits only)

5. Extra beautiful clear stickers


1. Seamlines galore! It’s everywhere!

2. Tomahawke has only one color.

3. Can’t split

Well, this ain’t master grade, so seamlines are inevitable. But it’s everywhere makes it go down so low. I appreciated the number of clear parts, but just can’t keep ongetting bitter about the seamlines. Have you even noticed that I mentioned about those in almost each and every section of this review like it’s almost everywhere on this kit T_T

2 Responses to “NG 1/100 Cherudim Gundam Desinger’s Color Version (review)”

  1. Android Ultima Says:

    Hi, I have a 1/144 of this one. Very articulate. can do kneel-snipe pose. But it’s a knock-off brand. Anyway, how I wish Bandai will make a MG of this…

    • maknaedik Says:

      Knock-off’s fine for as long as the gunpla spirit is within you, LOL! Yes, many were optimistic that one day, it’ll have its time to shine. 00 series sure is a popular series. I’m sure it will get one, but it might take some time like Gundam Wing kits though 🙂

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