NG 1/100 Justice (review)

1. Info

Universe: CE (Cosmic Era)

Series: Gundam Seed

Pilot: Athrun Zala

Appeared in the anime? Yes

This is the final MS of Athrun in Seed series. Unfortunately, he self-destructed this unit in order to stop “Genesis”, a very powerful cannon that has the power to destroy dozens of battleships in a single shot., from firing towards Earth. This is not the first time he did this since his Aegis shared the same fate except that it went *BOOM* to kill someone and it’s not nuclear powered so it’s not really that near as powerful at Justice.


<will add them later>

2. Out of the Box (8/10)

The box art is the traditional box art for all Seed series gunplas, old, plain and boring, unlike 00 kits which are very exciting. Well, at least its size is what I prefer for an NG 1/100.

Plate A

As usual, A plates have numerous amount of colors. Here, we got yellow, gray and clear pink. The first are for the v-fin and the shield. The second are for the joints and thrusters. The last one are, obviously, the beam saber effect parts 🙂

Plate B1 and B2

Though we’ve been given two plates, they aren’t identical. This, obviously, are the armor parts. You’ll see this everywhere 🙂

Plate C1 and C2

Two plates here and, again, they aren’t identical. This guy will make the bagpack a.k.a. fatum-00 minus the wings

Plate D

Oh yes, white. This will go here and there, for additional details.

Plate E

This plate makes up the chest, waist and the feet guards.

Plate F

One word here, WINGS!


A plain set of poylcaps, nothing unusual.

Stickers and Figure

Foil stickers, OMG! A sore-eye, seriously. They will mostly go in the wings. The figure, surprisingly, is Cagalli. It’s supposed to be Athrun right? He’s the pilot right?

3. Step-by-step build (8/10)


Few parts here, but it’s a good job that seamlines for here are kinda hidden.


Sadly, the blue part here are stickers. The vulcans is supposed to be color gray. Oh and there’s a single seamline here, a MAJOR one!

Arms and Shoulders

Sadly, the beam boomerang isn’t detachable and it’s ONE SOLID piece together with a seamline. Well, speaking of seamline, it has it in the shoulders, arms; it’s all over! SEAMLINE GALORE! Congratulations!


The waist is cute. However, the side skirts, for me, is way too small. It should be longer than this based on what I’ve seen in the anime.

Feet and Legs

The second top-notcher for having the most number of seamlines. Articulation, is bad, though it kinda looks like it can bend more.


It’s big, really. No matter how I look at it, Fatum-01 > Fatum-00. It looks very very plain. They gave us stickers instead of separate parts. Sad, but, well. IMO, they should’ve just given us separate parts at least for the white parts on the wings. I don’t care that much for the yellow ones anyway.

Weapons and Shields

Beam sabers are one piece, attached are the clear pink effect parts. Beam rifle is plain. Sadly, the white part should have a pink detail and they’ve not given us with even a single sticker; you need to paint it yourself. At least, at least, they’ve done a good job in the shield. I love it. It even has a handle that you can change places so that the arms can hold it exactly where you want it to hold.

4. Articulation and Poseability (6/10)

For its time, maybe its good. Unfortunately for this one, I reviewed him in this year, 2011.. Will this kit be backheavy, and if yes, can it pose well? Let’s now find out!


Can turn 360, but can’t really do anything besides that.

Arms and Shoulders

Can rotate 360 on the shoulders. Arms can pretty much go up more than 90. Can bend on the joint for exactly 90. Can rotate 360 below the shoulders. Hands are on a ball joint, it can wiggle and rotate 360.


Can rotate 360 on the waist. Side skirts are impressive, it can go forwards and backwards, for a total of 180. Also, it can flap sidewards a bit. Front skirts can move upwards for about more than 90. The back skirt is, well, just there, does nothing at all.

Legs and Feet

It will somehow bend, though it does for a lil bit more than 90. Impressively, the feet can go upwards and downwards more than I expect. Feet guards can move a lil up and down.


The pipes can go up and down a little bit. Wings are on a swivel mechanism; it’s very articulated and, at least, that’s good. The small turrets can go 360.

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.. POSING TIME!!

1. Standing pose
2. Bagpack deployed, but standing still
3. Twin beam sabers deployed, though I removed the bagpack because it’s a BURDEN
4. It awkwardly holds its beam rifle. It’s unstable because of the absence of a peg.
5. It can stand still on its Fatum-00
6. Beside my recent haul, MG Freedom. I know you know what it is for right? :))))

I can’t really do any dynamic poses for this kit. It can’t do such good poses anyway, so I didn’t bother.


It can somehow bend like this, but you’ll see this often when its got its bagpack. The bagpack is just too heavy. Fortunately, it can still pose even when it’s deployed even without a help of a stand.

Beam rifle can be stored at the back. Unfortunately, it has a different type of peg compared to the MG Freedom.

The mechanism for the bagpack, specially the connection isn’t really complicated. Its got two holes, well yes, ugly holes. Those holes will fit in the pegs in the bagpack.

This tiny bit piece is the connector for the beamsabers. Unlike the MG Freedom, you don’t need things like this.

There are two gray pieces that will attach to the shield. The first one will got inside the hole in the arms, and the other one is kinda adjustable one, it’s actually a handle that will go in the arms for stability. Well, at least the handle is adjustable. Though it’s kinda pointless since it won’t really go anywhere.

5. Design (4/10)

Worst score ever! You know why? Let me get started shall we?

1. Justice’s pink isn’t as pale like this. Bandai failed to render the proper red that Aegis has and they turned it pink. Now, they turned Justice into this. Just WTF!? Its color is supposed to be like MG Infinite Justice’s.

2. Stickers for the wings and all over? Yeah right!

3. Hey Bandai, give us at least a sticker for the beam rifle. It looks very plain!

4. Why are the dark parts of Justice brown? It’s supposed to be smoky black or dark gray.

5. The wings are supposed to be more pointy and the side skirt is supposed to be a bit longer, nuff said.

6. Gimmicks (0)

You call the bagpack gimmick? My middle finger wants to rise then

7. Value (7/10)

Bandai didn’t do justice for this one *pun intended*. Man, its name is effing Justice so why not give it some? Price is I think kinda decent. Or maybe the reason it’s expensive because it’s a recolor? HELL NO! Give us its original color Bandai 😦

8. Verdict (33/50)

Poor one! Well, it’s not an MG,I know. I don’t have much expectation, but really. From the its color, big foil stickers and non-stable poses, do you think it’s decent for a 1/100?

I don’t recommend this kit if you’re not a fan. Pretty much like Casval’s Gundam

Good thing this kit won’t end up as a waste. I’ll turn it to MG Justice!! You already know that right? :)))) See you guys around! Will prolly do another review next month, but that’s it and the next after that will maybe trans-raiser :))

2 Responses to “NG 1/100 Justice (review)”

  1. barklight Says:

    Thanks for the review, nice one 😉
    And yeah, what a let down, this kit doesn’t have MG treatment. The master grade infinite justice is great though…

    • maknaedik Says:

      Thanks 🙂

      I have an MG Infinite Justice as well and I agree with you. I’m still hoping that we can get an MG Justice after the announcement of the other 4 GAT series MGs.

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