RC 1/100 Nightingale (Part 1: Information and Out of the box)

1. Information

This kit is surely very controversial. It’s a non-Bandai kit, but many were anticipating. So after its release, many are hoping for the best. Expectations were high and the demand is big. However, many were disappointed and I’m telling you now, I’m one of them, because the kit didn’t live up to the our expectations and it failed in many aspects. But still, people are deciding to buy the kit because this is our only option to obtain such a massive MS in 1/100 scale. Unless of course, you buy a 1/100 from G-Systems, an official Bandai resin kit producer, which costs A LOT and more dangerous to build. Sniffing resin powder caused by sanding surely is dangerous for your health.

Of course, there are a group of people who are reluctant to buy. Factors are: money, quality and skills. First, money, it’s pretty expensive for them. It’s 4,300 PHP in our country and most of the BL (bootleg) kits that they buy doesn’t even go beyond 2,000 PHP. Second is quality, people can’t find the worth of their money since they still have to do A LOT of things since this kit came with many problems. Lastly, skills are important if you decide to work on this kit. To make it s AWESOME looking as the promotional pictures we’ve seen, you must have the necessary skills. To be fair, it’s only expensive because it has a lot of plastic. That is one of the biggest factor. Yes, it comes with a lot of problems, but from that, you can improve your skills.

I’ve already said this before, I don’t consider this kit as a bootleg. Sure, it maybe copied Nightingale’s design, but it didn’t copy G-system’s 1/100 Nightingale. I pretty much have the same sentiment with MC models, specially their Gundoom line.

I mainly bought this kit because of the metal thrusters. Yes, it’s red and it’s given, even though its red isn’t exactly what it’s supposed to be. If not for the metal thrusters, I wouldn’t be getting this at all.

After all the reviews I’ve seen over the net, seems like they differ. Most likely, the molds weren’t good that’s why problems are inconsistent. Thing is, I maybe am the unluckiest. Seems like all the problems they had exists in the kit that I got. Well, maybe it’s a good thing for you guys since I will be able to show you the solutions I’ve come-up and I hope it’ll be of any help.

2. Out of the box (8/10)

Its box is very big. You can notice that I’ve placed the box on the top of our stove. It’s almost as big right? Of course, the box is big and that is somewhat makes it more secure. However, it has some problems that will be discussed later. Apart from the kit being a red one, my eyes were captured because it comes with free metal thrusters. However, I just found out recently that only limited amount of kits comes with these.

For as long as the box has a sticker on the lower right with label “special gift”, that kit will include the freebies. The freebies are: metal thrusters, Nightingale poster and a sidecutter. I honestly have no idea that it comes with the free poster. I’ve only recently heard that it comes with the sidecutter as well. I don’t have any of use with the poster. Even though I got posters of SNSD, I didn’t bother posting them, moreover, I only made them rot in my cabinet. I really really like that the sidecutter comes in pink ❤

Inside a small box are the metal thrusters. They are sealed in a small plastic bag and they’re unharmed. My main problem is I have no idea on how to put these gorgeous detail-up parts. I’ve seen tutorials in the net, but pins were included. Looks like I’ve got to research more.

Plate A 

It wasn’t made by Bandai so don’t expect a multi-colored Plate A here. As you can see, it’s not the red that it’s supposed to be that’s why I’m planning to paint this kit.

Plate B

This one comes in a pair. Its white is not your usual white. It’s more of a minty white perhaps? Parts here mostly goes for the big fuel tanks and some goes here and there.

Plate C

Comes in a pair once again. You might have notice noticed already on how few parts are there per plate right?

Plate D

Again, parts here are for the fuel tanks and others go here and there.

Plate E

Plate F

The front skirts and the feet parts here ARE BIG!

Plate G

The THICKEST yet beam effect part I’ve ever seen my entire gunpla life. It’s about more than 10mm I think.

Plate H

The first of the many gray runner of this kit. Though this kit doesn’t have a, what you call, full inner frame, it does have a semi one.

Plate I

Look at that massive feet, it’s almost as long as the rifle.

Plate J

Plate K

Comes in a pair again.

Plate L

Though most of the parts here comes in gray, the shield part here is supposed to be black. So painting the kit is really mandatory for me after all.

Plate M

Comes in a pair again. Most of the parts here will act as thrusters, however, if you received the free metal thrusters, then most likely, you won’t be using most of the parts here.

Plate N

Comes in a pair again. Most of the parts here will go underneath the thrusters. Actually, even though they’re red, I will color them yellow. HG Sazabi looks so cool when you paint the inside parts of its thrusters with yellow.

Decals and Stickers

It was sealed in a plastic, however, they bent the sticker sheet. Now it’s messed up. Thankfully, I’m not gonna use that one. It comes with waterslide decals. Yes, they are good enough to give waterslide ones.

LED unit and Metal Springs

Yes, it comes with a LED unit. However, by the looks of it, you’ll have to install it yourself. It’s color green and it comes with a switch, so I guess that is a good indication. At least, even if you have to install it yourself, it comes with a switch so turning it off and isn’t manual as putting the wires out and in of the battery. It also comes with four metal springs. These parts will be used for the bendable pipes. I think it’s unnecessary, I think a bendable wire coated with a plastic tube will suffice. It’s not I’m complaining, more like I’m thankful that they did throw something like this.


The manual is smooth on the outside, but not on the inside. Comes with info about the kit, the number of plates and the instructions inside. What’s really confusing about the instruction is they don’t tell you what to put first. At least with Bandai’s, we’ve been provided with numbers to tell us which goes first.

Runner Problems

This kit is famous for having warped parts and not so good molding. You’ll notice it right away upon opening the kit.

My Plate J is bent. Some of the parts are already detached from the runner. Most of the runners and parts will have excess plastic that you have to shave of yourself specially when they get in your way.

All of the plastic wraps after removing them all.

Part 2: Torso >>


4 Responses to “RC 1/100 Nightingale (Part 1: Information and Out of the box)”

  1. barklight Says:

    Awesome, for getting this kit. I have a few friends that also bought this RC Nightingale, and yes, they are bad, mostly the molding problem.
    Looking forward to your work.

  2. darkandchoco Says:

    oh yeah! hopefully it’ll turn out well. XD

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