RC 1/100 Nightingale (Part 2: Torso)

<< Part 1: Information and Out of the box

This is the first part that you’ll be instructed to build. Though I expected problems to occur while I’m building this, I never expected it to be A LOT.

FYI, though this part was named as “body” in the instruction manual, I named it torso. There are two parts that was labeled as “body” so for you guys not to get confused or anything, I named this as torso since it’s literally the torso of the kit.


There were red parts that I’m unable to put together with the gray thrusters. Seems like the hole is too small, so I got my pinvise and drilled it.


The next problem I’ve encountered is with the part that holds the thrusters. Seems this problem is random because it only happened to me once. I’ve placed the thrusters just fine, except for one. The peg of the thruster isn’t the problem since all of the thrusters doesn’t fit in this particular hole. What I did is I shaved the excess plastic in the hole and it’s done. However, seems that I shaved it too much and it end up getting too loose instead. That’s why I placed some super glue in the peg of the thrusters and let it dry. Afterwhich, it holds it more securely compared to the others that didn’t get any problems.

You might think that the even though these parts doesn’t perfectly snaps together, it will be hidden, then think again. You really have to putty these up if you really want to seal this ugly gaps.


On the third step of putting the kit, you might encounter this problem. As seen on the pic, the peg with blue circle around it must go inside of the hole with red circle. However, it seems that either the peg is too big or the hole is too small. So whatever you think is fit, then go ahead. The solution I came up with is I shaved the hole using my x-acto knife. I shaved both holes for parts F2 and F4. Afterwhich, it snapped together perfectly.


The next problem is right after solving the problem above. You need to put part J5 via holes found in our recently snapped together parts.

The ends of part J5 seems to big for the whole found in pic the second pic. Try shaving both ends according to the first pic. Slowly shave it, don’t shave it too much or you’ll end up destroying it instead. I actually shaved it twice, my first attempt can be seen in the third pic, and the last try can be seen in the last pic.


After solving the problems above , seems like they aren’t perfectly aligned according to this pic. Even thought after putting the part J5, it’ll cover some of the seamlines, most of it can still be seen.

Even putting the gray part here leaves an empty space.


Another problem I encountered is putting the white small parts (yeah, for this scale, it’s small). You’ll need to attach the white parts via peg, though I can’t seem to find any wrong about that, the hole found underneath the white parts is oblong. Yeah, weird even for a bootleg. So far, I haven’t made any attempt of whatsoever to fix this. The only thing I can recommend, actually, this is the one that I’m going to do, is to cut the peg and glue the part instead. It’s the same anyway.


Even though RC made an effort in engineering this kit, seems some of their choices are bad. For example, as you can see in the picture above, they left it hanging in there. They didn’t made it in a convenient way. I think they could’ve found a way to hide this view and make the connection stable. I swear, seems like this part can break anytime even though the plastic is very thick.


After assembling the torso, this is how it should look like.

Doesn’t really look bad at all right? I’m sure, after painting and detailing this kit, it’ll look x1000 more awesome!


Just to give you an idea on how big the nubmarks are for this kit.

Also in this scenario, the surface isn’t even, now if I try and start sanding this nubmark straight away, eventually, both surfaces will reach equilibrium and that’s what I’m avoiding. I guess I have to use my sanding sponge here once again.

Part 3: Head >>


2 Responses to “RC 1/100 Nightingale (Part 2: Torso)”

  1. darkandchoco Says:

    Nice nice, it does have a lot of problems? but a great challenge to modelers 😀

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