RC 1/100 Nightingale (Part 3: Head)

<< Part 2: Torso

This part is very short. It’s only the head so yeah.


These are the parts for the head, not including the LED parts. Yes, it came with a free LED unit for the head. Sadly, it doesn’t come with a clear part for the head so I don’t think it’ll come out beautifully.


As I was cutting the v-fin, sort of, I noticed this.

It has two gates which, obviously, is wrong. The other fin only has a single gate and it doesn’t make sense for them to put another gate in a same direction and same surface with this small gap; most specially that it connects to one single path.


Another fitting issue here.

The gray part doesn’t snap together with the red part. I’ve read the instructions and I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. Neither the parts have a peg so the only way is to slide the gray part into the slim part of the red one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t bite. We all know that we can just glue this instead right and that’s exactly my plan. But I might to do it only after painting.


This one is kinda irritating.

This small part is hard to sand down. Obviously, I have to do it one way or another. The stress marks are too obvious in this one.


Another fitting issue, now it involves the fins again.

Though it’s obvious that you’ll have to put the fins in to the holes, it doesn’t quite fit. I’m not sure if the problems is that it’s too tight or the opposite. But one thing is for sure, it doesn’t fit at all. I haven’t tried drying some super glue in the fin because I figured that I might glue that part there instead, if the thick paint isn’t even enough.


You might have seen this coming.

We all know this kit has a lot of fitting issues and because of that, parts that are supposed to be sandwiched together will not stay securely. That small gray part that I’ve got trouble in trimming is just sitting there. Blow it and it’ll fall. Solution, glue it.


This is how the head will look like, minus the fin and the small gray part. Doesn’t look like a head at all and looks too simple. It cries for some DETAILS!

Part 4: Body >>

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