RC 1/100 Nightingale (Part 4: Body)

<< Part 3: Head

This part of the body mainly consists of inner frame. As I’ve mentioned earlier, this kit has a pseudo inner frame. It’s not a full inner frame like your ordinary MGs. It doesn’t help that much in articulation, but still.


These are the parts for the body. Most parts come in pairs except for the thrusters which actually has 3.


The first part is putting H17 and H14. Once you snap these parts together, it’ll have another fitting issue.

I have tried minor trimming, but that didn’t help at all. I’m actually trying to find a way to know what areas must be trimmed so that parts will snap together. Take note of this problem because it’ll have negative effects later on. For now, I don’t have any solutions but I’ll keep you updated if I do so.


After those two big chunks, you’ll put one part per each, so you’ll have two in total. However, another fitting issue will be encountered. Either the upper peg is too big or the hole is too small.

The solution I came up with is neither I sanded down the peg or shaved the hole. I just trimmed the peg down. I don’t care if it doesn’t go in, the other connection point is very sturdy and it won’t budge, so this connection point getting loose isn’t an issue at all. Even if you cut the peg all the way down, it won’t really matter.

Step 13 and 14 tells you to snap some pieces together and yet again, fitting issues will be encountered.

Though these parts doesn’t snap together that well, it doesn’t have any repercussion. So this problem is very minor.

Also at Step 13, there will be a small seamline that is rather hard to remove.

You can try all sort of gimmicks in order to reach that place, but I prefer to sand the part down flat. They did it for the sake of design and that’s it.

If you are confused on which way part goes, just notice the red and blue circles. The small nubs are supposed to sit in any of the small circle channels. Well, that hinders the articulation, but I think they did that for stability. You’ll hear clicking sounds when you move this part around. For total, it can only move thrice, once per each circle channel.


As I have mentioned earlier, there will be drawbacks when the two big chunky parts don’t snap together well.

You can see on the pic that the white thrusters went through great, however, they’re just hanging there loosely. It’s never secure and with one blow of the wind, both parts will fall. The same goes for the thrusters that you’ll have to put in the center; unsecure and very loose.


Thankfully, the remaining two thrusters doesn’t go in any of the middle holes. They’ll go to the sides.

However, the right one seems not as secure as with the one on the left. Honestly, even the right one isn’t secure. I guess I’ll have to put some super glue in peg of the thrusters and let it dry before putting it back.


Here is the completed body minus the parts that I can’t put.

Honestly, the more I go through the kit, the more I’m discouraged. But come to think of it, I bought this kit and ready to take the challenge. I must not falter yet, I’m not even nearly half done.


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