Robot Damashii Extreme Gundam [type-LEOS] + Option Set

1. Info

Extreme Gundam type Leos is a Gundam that is exclusive to the game. It doesn’t appear in any series at all. It’s an interesting shift from the Extreme Gundam that’s originally in color blue. The unique thing about this Gundam is its ability to use other Gundam’s power via Phases. It doesn’t exactly copy them but they are based on those.

This fig caught my eye, but that’s not enough for me to get this one until they announced that they’ll release an option set. Honestly, I haven’t played the game since it’s in Japanese and I don’t own any consoles, but only handheld ones, so I don’t really know how strong or awesome this Gundam is. Regardless, I bought it for its sheer looks alone.

2. Out of the box

The boxart’s quite nice and as usual, it displays the fig on the right side of the box. At the back, it shows you certain gimmicks of the fig. R-137 is its serial, meaning it is the 137th Robot Damashii.

It has a number of accessories but most of it are already attached to it. The figure’s default phase is Xenon phase. The Xenon phase is based on God Gundam. The figure comes with 3 pairs of extra manipulators. The first pair are the sword weilding hands. The second are the grappling type hands, ideal hands to use while the
armor on the forearms are deployed. And lastly, the third, are the relaxed hands. It also comes with beam saber effect parts and beam sabers.

3. Articulation

From now on I won’t take pics of the actual articulation per part, but rather I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves. Also, since the figure comes in many phases and I don’t want to review the articulation for each, I’ll just pose it in its regular mode as a basis.

It’s has the standard articulation for a figure. I’d say this is a must since if it’s trying to copy God Gundam, then it really must have a good range of articulation.

4. Accessories

These are the parts for Xenon phase (minus the backpack).

And these are for the regular Extreme Gundam.

As I’ve said, this is based of the God Gundam, so it has its own version of the God mode. You open up the armor panel on the side and replace the clear yellow with the deployed ones. You then flip the armor on the back of the leg to reveal thrusters. Some more in the backpack by opening the hatch at its side and rotating the center. You deploy the armor on the forearms by pulling back the front and back. Pushing down the claws at the side. Flip the panel upwards and you’re done! It’s cool that the thrusters themselves are glossy in contrast to the backpack’s overall finish which is flat; it creates a nice effect.

Xenon Phase ready to smash your head!

4. Extra Option Set

Now for the extra option set, it comes with TONS of accessories. The accessories enables you to create Agios phase and Eclipse phase. Make sure that before doing these two additional phases, you revert it back to its original state, meaning Extreme Gundam and not the Xenon phase.

Agios Phase

For Agios phase, which was based from Strike Freedom Gundam, you’ll have to remove the small piece on the chest and replace it with something else. Front skirts also gets replaced with a bigger one with clear yellow trim. There will be an additional part that you need attach at the back skirt. Be warned though when removing this part after you play with it, the top part of the back skirt might break. I’ve glued mine a couple of times already. However, it isn’t really much of an issue since it can be easily fixed. It also comes with the wings, very much like the SF’s and a rifle, a big one.

I thought that I won’t be able to pose it like this on a stand because attaching the wings makes it VERY back heavy. Thankfully though, I was able to. However, I wish I could make its torso lean forward for a more dynamic pose.

Like I said, it was based of SF, therefore, its wings also has dragoons. However, it only has a total of 4 unlike SF’s 8. These dragoons can be attached to the rifle via a connector to make it even more big than it already is.

So yeah, there you have its Agios phase in all of its glory. Wing span is great, imagine this in MG form. It is wondrous and to be honest, its wings are more complicated than SFs.

Eclipse Phase

Now for the Eclipse phase, you’ve first got to remove the shoulder pads and replace it with a larger one. You also have to replace the sideskirts with a weird one. You can separate the fins here. These shoulder pads can come forward and act like guns or maybe even a cannon.

Since it is based of the Wing Zero, it comes with the legendary Twin Buster rifle. And just like Wing Zero, it can also combine the two.

EXA Phase

If you’re paying attention, you might actually notice that you can make a word out of the first letter of all its phases. Yes, EXA, Eclipse, Xenon and Agios, together, they form EXA phase.

To make it, just put everything together, they’ll go well. The only tricky part is the backpack. At first, I was wondering if I could put the wings and the thruster pack of the Xenon phase together. I tried it once and I don’t think it’s possible, because when you put one, the other gets in the way. So what I did was, I first snapped together the wings and the thruster pack BEFORE putting them TOGETHER in the backpack itself. So yes, it is very possible.

It’s so MAJESTIC! Reminds me of EX-S in terms of bulkiness. But no matter how glorious it looks, posing it in this phase is the hardest. Aside from being bulky, which limits its movement, the rifle themselves ARE HEAVY. It keeps on falling down that’s why the angle of the guns are downwards. And again, the wings doesn’t help at all. You can still bend the legs for dynamic pose, but the good articulation for the stomach is useless now since it always want to lean backwards.

Oh, before I forget, there’s the shield.

The shield has 2 set of pegs and you can adjust them so that it can be looking like collapsed or deployed.

The Extra Option set also comes with two additional manipulators which will hold the rifles perfectly.

5. Details

My favorite phase must be Xenon, not because I don’t have to disassemble it in order to play with it, but because its poses are more stable and looks cool. I admit,
the Agios phase’s wings are cool. However, it really makes it hard to pose when it’s attached.

Detail wise, well, again, aside from the fact that figures tend to have nubmarks, though I know they tried their best hiding them, they are still apparent. Well, it’s
just a minor nitpick and nubmarks and seamlines are impossible to hide in figures as of today. I loved the color apps all over. There are combination of flat and
glossy finish on the gray parts like backpack and the weapons. The combination of clear yellow and metallic yellow is something I’m not a fan of. First, it gives an
impression that they are meant to be the same color, but they didn’t because they are cost cutting. I know, the clear parts are meant to look like shining gold, but it
failed. Nevertheless, the overall effect is nice. The EXA phase must be my favorite in detail category just because of the number of orange parts. It’s not my favorite
color, however, this one is arguably nice looking.

6. Verdict

One must think that making a figure with a lot of playability options like this is good since you won’t be bored out. However, that must not be the sole category. It
may have a million of playability options, but the most important part is enjoying each option. With this fig, I can say that I did enjoy all of its phase. Even EXA
phase which seemingly stagnant because of its bulk.

I can highly recommend this, because even without the Extra Option Set, I can say that it’s my favorite RD out of all that I currently have. The Xenon phase was really enjoyable by itself.

4 Responses to “Robot Damashii Extreme Gundam [type-LEOS] + Option Set”

  1. darkandchoco/暗いとチョコ Says:

    He looks cool and he gots lots of stuff! 😀 I wonder if they’ll make a kit of this? XD

    • maknaedik Says:

      I do hope so! Well, the Extreme Gundam is already available in HG form, even the type LEOS which is just a recolor is too. But it’s a p-bandai exclusive I think. Options parts will be great. But I want an MG, haha!

  2. scott Says:

    I was wondering where you got the option set from? If it was online could you provide me with a link please? thank you.

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