Robot Damashii GNX-IV (Trans-am version)

1. Info

The GN-X IV is the only GN-X variant that isn’t available in HG form. Thankfully however for RD fans, Bandai released GN-X IV in many variants, and the one I got is the trans-am version. It’s no brainer as to why I chose it right?

2. Out of the box

This fig comes with TONS of accessories and you might be wondering if it can hold everything altogether. Now, let’s find it out together with me.

For its accessories, its got the ff:

1. 2 booster pads.
2. 2 shields
3. 2 deployed shield covers.
4. 2 bazookas.
5. 1 giant sword.
6. 1 medium rifle and a long barrel to make it a long one.
7. 1 base connector.
8. 2 extra pair of manipulators.
9. 4 hard attachment points.

3. Articulation

Its got the standard articulation for a OO kit. You know how they move well in the torso area right? Sadly, it has only a single jointed elbows and knees. That could get in your way while you are posing it dynamically. Though it can still do decent poses, those double joints could’ve really help a lot. Well, I guess you really need not to expect much from grunt units ain’t it? Aside from its moveable toes, its heels can also be adjusted the same way as you can do with HG Reborns

4. Accessories

Booster pads are just attached on the sides of the torso area. It doesn’t have peg, but rather, it just clips in there and it has a nice tight connection. The shield’s metallic light pink part can be replaced to recreate a deployed shield. you can pretend that it’s deploying its GN field. It also comes with 2 grenades(?) in each shield underneath.

The sword can fit in the hand nicely. If you aren’t going to using it, you can dettach the mini shoulder pad and directly attach the sword there. You can also use the bigger hard points, attach it on the side skirts and attach the sword there.

The rifle have two modes. One in the regular beam rifle mode, and the other is the long rifle mode. You just pull out the barrel and replace it do change its mode. The rifle, when attached to the hand is very secure. The back of the rifle has a peg that can connect at the forearm for stability. The rifle can be stored either at the back or at the side skirts using the hard point connector.

They gave you two bazookas. Its only gimmick is its ability to extend. It can also be attached at the side and even at the back via its peg that can slide out.

Now let us test if it’s able to hold all its weapons altogether.

Putting any weapon on the hand is quite a task because of how the hands are designed; it has claw thingies. However, that also makes it even more stable.

As you can see, yes, somehow it can. booster pads are attached, one bazooka at the left hand, the other on the back, rifle attached on the side skirt, sword on the left shoulder, deployed shield on the right shoulder and beam saber on the right hand. What’s missing then? The other beam saber and the other shield. Though I can attach the sword on the left sideskirt, it will greatly hinder the movement of the left leg so I didn’t bother. But if I oblige, I can of course. The beam saber is the only problem now. Still, I’m really impressed when an MS, may it be figure or model, is able to have all its weapons with it.

For stability, I’ve done the one-foot balance. If the figure isn’t able to balance on one-foot, then I doubt it’ll ever be balanced when all of its accessories are attached. But perhaps on other figs/kits, accessories makes them more stable. Who knows right? But most of the time, this is the case.

5. Details

The paint apps are nice. The metallic red and metallic pink works nice. Since the people in charge of RDs and model ktis are different, the color of the trans-am in this fig is quite different from my trans-am version MGs, specifically MG Exia and MG OO Raiser. But it’s cool, not a biggie for me. They were also able to put details underneath the skirts and that is quire rare for a fig IMO.

6. Verdict

It has a lot of playability. You can mix and match the accessories like having only a single shield, holding these much weapons and such. The combinations are too many and for me, that makes it fun!

Overall, I can say that this fig is worth it, totally; also considering the amount of its accessories. However, I’ll recommend the regular version rather than this one. I’m a fan of trans-am that’s why I got this. I think most will enjoy the regular ones’ color.

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