SD Sinanju (review)

This is my first time I’m gonna have a review of an SD kit. We all know that we can’t expect SD kits to be very well articulated because of the most obvious reasons.

SD Sinanju passed the category of being red, and well, it’s cute. Anyway, here it goes.

1. Out of the Box (10/10)

SD Sinanju’s box is big for your ordinary SD kit. You can see that by the second pic. It’s is much larger than SD Qan[T]. It’s actually longer length wise, but shorter, width wise than of an old HG box. Judging by the box alone, you know how this kit will turn in to already.

2. Step-by-step Build (9/10)


WOW! This head is really something. It got the eye gimmick like every Zaku 2.0s out there. You might want to do some paint for the vulcans of course.


Pretty simple and easy. Of course, what do you expect to an SD kit. But well, it has more parts than I expected it to have.

Shoulders and Arms

Ball joints everywhere. Anyway, it kept the shoulder armor to be separated instead of doing it in one mold with the shoulders. Good job their Bandai!

Feet and Legs

Unfortunately, This parts has nothing much to offer unlike the shoulders.


A pretty common SD construction for the waist here.

Lastly the WINGS

Very cool looking wings, unfortunately, it doesn’t have any articulation alone.

3. Articulation and Poseability (8/10)

Of course, for an SD kit, this is not really bad. However, the loose joints is pain in the ass. I don’t know why they added so many gimmicks into this kit when it can’t do it all forever because the joint will most likely get loose once you play around it for sometime.

Head – can’t turn 360 and can only move a very bit.

Arms – can spin 360 below the shoulders.

Hands – can spin 360.

Shoulders – can swing 360.

Wings – can go up and down 90. Can flap only a little.

Fuel Tanks – can go up and down for about 45. Can’t go left and right.

Shoulder Armors – can move up and down for 35-40 degrees.

Waist – can spin a little.

Legs – can move left and right, forwards and backwards a bit.

Feet – can only wiggle a bit.

4. Design (8/10)

We all know SD kits needs A LOT of painting. Would you expect me to give it a high grade? Well, it’s an SD and not an HG, LOL! Anyway, Since it’s only an SD kit, I will grade it accordingly.

It’s very detailed, though it’s an SD kit. I didn’t expect it to be this good. The painting part is, of course, a hassle. But that’s part of it and it was compensated since its has a good design.

This kit has a numerous amount of foil stickers. You guessed it right, it’s all for its gold trims. Should you paint it or not is up to you to decide, but a friendly advice here, if you’re a pro and/or a perfectionist, then I suggest you do. If not, then don’t you dare. This kit is so small and you’ll have a hard time masking the parts. I almost want to use the technique I saw in the hobbylink TV, but the parts are too small that I can’t ink in small places. I can do a panel wash but we all know that it isn’t enough to cover the excess gold parts.

YAY! Its got a yellow clear eye! No need to paint! What you actually need to paint, other than the gold trims if you ever decide to paint them, are the fuel tanks, sword hilt and the wings.


Only 2 pics? First of all, it’s only an SD kit and you won’t be able to get much of a pose because its limited articulation. Second, some pics are found below to the gimmicks section.
5. Gimmicks (4)

Its got a gimmick, which I think isn’t necessary and it looks ugly for me. Check out the pics below.

See what I mean? It looks awkward and for me, it looked like they forced this gimmick to happen. Errrr, I won’t ever to this gimmick again. But I still have to give ti a credit though.

The gimmick I liked are the weapon configurations wherein you can mix the rifle with the shield and viceversa.

It also retained the gimmick, like its HG and MG counterpart, wherein you can detach a rocket launcher from its rifle to under its shield.

The axe under the shield aren’t movable. Instead, you peg them if you want to move them.  There are many kinds of configurations available and you can experiment it on your own. But I’m telling you, this shield has a lot of connectors as you can see.

6. Value (8/10)

I’m actually thinking of giving it 9 instead, but the loose polycaps, amount of foil stickers and the unnecessary gimmick are the letdowns for me. But overall, I still want recommend in getting this kit if you’re an SD fan.

Verdict (47/50)

The gimmicks pulled its way up I guess.

For me, this kit is really worth it. It’s just my pride hurts whenever I see the foil stickers for its gold trims. That’s why I haven’t placed them just yet. I didn’t even tried topcoating it yet. I’m really thinking whether I should paint it, though I know I’ll mess up, or just use the foil stickers.

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