HCM Pro 1/200 Hambrabi Review

1. Info

You already know this guy’s story. At that time, I have no idea that Bandai will actually fulfill my wish. Eventually, I know it’ll come true, but not as fast as this. Anyway, I’m still not regretting that I bought this one even though Bandai decided to release its model kit counterpart.

Weird right? It’s no red, it’s no model kit and most specially, it’s sooo small. But I still bought it. This just testifies on how I’m quite amazed by this MS in particular. The main pilot of this MS is even entertaining at a certain point, until Zeta only because he became a goof in ZZ. It’s fast and has a lot of utility.

Every HCM Pros never fails in the aesthetic department and this is the main reason I chose this over its MSIA counterpart, which felt like it’s sucky.

2. Out of the box (10/10)

I have no complains whatsoever about the boxart nor its size. The size of its box is just exact. It’s small because the figure is small, a 1/200 scale.

The figure is in a plastic container with plastic sheet protecting it. The wings, at first, isn’t attached to the figure yet and I see no reason why. The accessories that it comes with are sealed in plastic. Of course, even though it’s a figure, it still come with plastic trees in which you have to cut it yourself. So expect nubmarks that you have to clean, if you’re a perfectionist. It also comes with the not so useful instruction manual. Pretty much, you can do things here by just using your common sense. What I don’t get is the clear stickers that it comes with. Seriously, a turtle? WHY?! Hambrabi is FAST. It’s depicted as fast so why turtle? Can someone care to explain?

Some of the weapons are made in rubber, while some are made in plastic. There are two tails, each were made in both materials. There are clear beam saber effect parts, one for the left and one for the right. Sadly, the hands were molded together with it. But it’s not really an issue at all. There’s also another clear effect part which will be used for its unique gun. There are total of 4 set of hands, includes the ones that is in the figure itself.

3. Parts and Articulation (6/10)

I don’t really know when was this released. But like the usual, I’ll base the score of its articulation based on the CURRENT HGs that I’ve encountered.


Its head doesn’t move at all. Won’t even budge. I don’t even have to get its pic to show.

Arms, Shoulders and Hands

Shoulders are connected on the main body through a ball joint. Be warned, it’s very loose. I have even used the super glue technique on it, but as time goes by, it’ll wear off easily.

The arms can go sideways for 90 degrees. It has, sadly, only one point of articulation. Finally, the hands are in a ball joint so it can rotate for 360 degrees and wiggle all around.


Wings can flap for 90 degrees and that is all it’ll ever need.


Since it has no front nor back skirts, it can freely move forwards and backwards. Like in the arms, it only has one point of articulation, so at best, it can only bend for 90 degrees. The feet can go down 90 for the transformation. It can’t do a full split because it’s only connected through a ball joint. However, for a ball jointed one, it can spread big enough. It has some openable panels, which I think will be used for its transformation.


Its tail has two points of articulation. Trust me, you don’t even need so much from it.


Beam Sabers

Hell yeah! Dual beam wielding badass Hambrabi! I can’t remember exactly if this was done in the anime, but yeah, it looks cool!

Sea Serpent

I initially don’t know how this weapon is called. I have to research it in the wiki. It’s an odd name for me. Yes, it moves like a serpent, but why SEA? Hambrabis, I think, are made for space combat so why sea? Anyway, this weapon generates electricity that will shock its prey once constricted by it.

Feyadeen rifle/beam saber

This weapon is VERY UNIQUE just based on its looks and how it’s called.

4. Design (10/10)

I honestly have no idea whatsoever on how Bandai made this once gorgeous piece of FIGURE! But this is just insane. The paintjob for it is superb. Let’s take a closer look at the wings, shall we?

The wings alone could testify on how awesome the design in this figure is! Also, it is scratch resistant. Go ahead, try scratching it using your fingernails. It won’t leave any.

Since it’s a 1/200 scale, I’ll give you an idea how small it is compared to a 1/144 scaled one.

Next to it is my SHCM Pro 1/144 Char’s Zaku.

5. Gimmicks (1)

What can I say? A 1/200 scale that can transform on its own without replacing even a single part of it?! YES PLEASE!

looks like a manray XD

6. Value (7/10)

If not for the 65% off sale in HLJ, I wouldn’t have bought this. It’s hell a lot more expensive compared to its HG counterpart. Maybe, the paintjob on this one is worth it, but I’ll go with a better articulated model kit anytime.

7. Verdict (35/40)

Overall, I’d say I enjoyed playing with this one. It can do a LOT of stuff even though it’s relatively small.There are set of complaints like one jointed knee and elbows. Molded hands together with the beam sabers. But still, the design takes all those away. I even think the lack of articulation isn’t much of an issue at all.

I can only recommend this, once again, to all figure collectors. The design is the main reason you’ll be getting this one.


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