Super HCM Pro 1/144 Char’s Zaku Review

1. Info

Before I go into the review itself, I’ll take this opportunity to discuss the lines of Bandai has. Well, it won’t be posted here, don’t worry. It’ll be posted here instead.

This is my first ever Gundam figure. I really thought that I’d be getting the RD Arios Ascalon first, but I think I was in awe when I saw the review of SHCM Pro RX-78-2. When I bought this kit, I immediately tried if it can do the cool things that SHCM Pro RX-78-2 can do. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The only thing it can do is open its chest, besides the cockpit of course. That’s why, I was kinda regretting that I bought this kit. But, I figured that I’ll keep this and sell it (only if someone is interested) when the time is right.

SHCM Pro are known for its free weapon rack (might be in any form), internal details, armor parts were already decaled, has pegs for the hands to hold the weapons well and articulation.

2. Out of the box (10/10)

nice box, IMO. But mine got damage all over, so disregard that.

You can see the figure itself from the windows above, at the back and on the left side. On the right side, you can see the weapons. Below has no clear window, sorry šŸ˜›

Just like every figure out there, all things were sealed. So prepare for a reliable cutter, doesn’t have to be that sharp of course. But I used my x-acto knife.

You’ll be getting two set of trays, the one will hold the figure itself and the other will hold the weapons. The “extra parts” you can see there will actually be used for the mechanical base that comes with the figure.

To get the instruction manual, pull it out and it’ll taped while sealed in plastic behind the silver backing of the box. I was actually surprised to find that it also came with wires. After seeing that, I figured already what’s it for.

The out of the box section became lengthy because the box was just awesome.

3. Parts and Articulation (8/10)

I can’t really say that it’s perfect. But it really is impressive. It can match the most up-to-date HGs, might also defeat them. It can even pull-off poses that its MG and RG counterpart can. But, it has some flaws which I’ll discuss in a while.


It can rotate for 360. The mechanism for moving the mono-eye can be disappointing though. It’s not automatic like its MG and RG counterpart. You need to move it yourself. First, remove the helm and move the screw like thing to move it according to your liking.

Arms, Shoulders and Hands

You can lift the arms sidewards far better than the pic if you move the shoulder armor properly. The shield and the shoulder pads are on a double hinge joint, which can move all the way around. You can move forwards and backwards the joint between the torso and the shoulders. The arms are double jointed and can bend for about 135. Fingers are on a three finger, trigger finger and thumb split. It’s also in a ball joint. There are removable armor parts in the arms and when you do that, there will be inner frame details. Even the joint are removable and that’s amazing IMO.

A warning though, seems like the shield thingy is on a not so stable ball joint. Well, it stays, but when I press it hard, with the intent of making it stick more, it falls right off. Also, I can’t seem to fully close the three fingers for some weird reason.

Torso and Bagpack

The cockpit hatch can be opened, much like the RG, has no pilot inside. Instead, if you open the whole torso up, it’ll reveal some nice details inside. The bagpack armor is removable and it’ll also reveal some details. The thrusters, BTW, are movable.


The side skirts are on a double hinge and its very articulated. Fronskirts are independent and can move forwards. The whole backskirt, for some reason, is also removable.

Legs and Feet

It can almost do a full split. It’s double jointed on the knee. The toe has articulation. Most of the armor parts are removable, except for the front guard at the lower leg. Of course, if you remove them, it’ll reveal some good inner frame details.


Heat Hawk

The heat hawk is completely colored, but its awesomeness doesn’t stop there. It comes with an effect part. Damn, that’s, I think, the first time I’ve seen a Zaku with beam effect part for its weapons. Not even the RG and MG came with it. As usual, it can be pegged in the hands for stable action poses and also peggable at the side skirts and back skirt for storage.

Zaku Machine Gun

The Zaku Machinegun is pretty simple. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a clear scope. Well at least it’s peggable in the hands as well. The magazine clip is removable and can be pegged at the sideskirts and backskirts.

Zaku Bazooka

I think that Char’s Zaku looks at its best whenever it holds its bazooka. It looks speedy and just so cool whenever I see it. Most specially when it’s mounted on an action base. Unfortunately, it can’t be. unless of course you use other ways, ehem.. Which I won’t do..

Mechanical Base

Though this isn’t compatible with action bases, it comes with a mechanical base, which IMO looks very cool.

The construction is not hard at all. Of course, you’ll need to look at the instruction manual at sometime. There are parts that you need to remove from the runners and there are those who are ready out of the box. All you have to do is put them together. No need for glue nor screws and you’re done.

The purpose of the base is, of course, act as a weapon rack for Char’s Zaku. The Heat Hawk, Zaku Machine Gun and Zaku Bazooka can all be mounted on this.

The hardest part in everything that this figure comes with is to recreate the scene on the manual. It’s the scene wherein Char’s Zaku is like undergoing of maintenance. This is where you’ll need to use the copper wires that you got from this figure.

Well, purging the armor parts is a very easy task, but putting the wires could be pain in the ass. Specially if you wanted to recreate the EXACT same scene as depicted on the manual. But don’t worry, only your imagination is the limit since armor parts have plenty of holes and the there are also holes that can be found on the other side of the mechanical base. So it’s really up to you where the wires will start and end at. Don’t be afraid in cutting the wires into two. If you snapped it in a wrong way, you can use the regular copper wire that you can buy at your local hardware store if you want since they ARE JUST THE SAME.

4. Design (9/10)

The design could’ve been perfect if not for the absence of clear parts in the Zaku Machinegun and Zaku Bazooka. But everything else is just PERFECT. It’s already properly decaled, even underneath the armor parts have details, though they won’t be seen. The inner frame itself have gold and silver details inside, when you open the armor parts of course. Even the mechanical base is properly decaled. But above everything else, it’s flat coated. This just makes everything just awesome.

5. Gimmicks (0)

I can’t say that the ability to open its chest to reveal inner frame details can be called as a gimmick. It’s a single thing that I thought it can do all over, so no. I won’t consider it one.

6. Value (7/10)

I know, it’s LOW. The only reason behind is that compared to what the SHCM Pro Rx-78-2 got, this thing is far behind. That comes with a lot loads of weapons and has more gimmicks, but their price is JUST THE SAME. Man, I recommend SHCM Pro RX-78-2 more if you’re not a red fan.

7. Verdict (34/40)

Honestly, it’s not a bad score. Though its score is good, I think I can only recommend it for figure collectors. It’s a must for them because though the price is hefty, it’s still worth the get. If you’re a fan of the two, Rx-78-2 and Char’s Zaku, I could recommend getting them both but make Grandaddy your top priority of the two.


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  1. Dan Says:

    Hello bro, how tall is this figure? Thanks

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