S.H. Figuarts Dark Kiva

1. Info

The “dark” version of the main protagonist, Kiva. There has been at least one every series and they are as follows: Ryuga from KR Ryuki, Dark Kabuto from KR Kabuto, Nega Den-O from KR Den-O and this time, it’s Dark Kiva. Well, at least its power has been used for good in the last episodes.

I got this figure altogether with SHF Hyper Kabuto and SHF Faiz Blaster Form. But I picked this up one before those two. So I can safely say that this is my third SHF. I got it, like most of my SHF, for a discounted price. I actually can’t see myself buying one if it’s not. But I guess there are releases that will be an exemption

2. Out of the box (10/10)

Well, the box is thicker that your usual SHF box. I compared it against Faiz Blaster and Kabuto Hyper and the latter two are a bit thinner.

I love the boxart, though I love chrome colored letters, I preferred the standard ones here. I think it looks good on black. But if the background is white, I prefer chrome.

You might notice that my box isn’t in a good shape. Well, I got it in that condition, what can I do?

Again, the instruction manual can be found underneath the silver backing. it’s nothing so special since putting the accessories for Dark Kiva is pretty easy.

3. Articulation (9/10)


The head can rotate 360. Can also go sideways, look upward and downwards

Shoulders, Arms and Hands

Shoulder pads can swivel greatly and is independent. Moves can move upwards at the side for about 90. Arms are double-jointed. Joints for the shoulder is double jointed too. Arms can rotate 360 below the shoulders. Hands are on a ball joint that can wiggle and rotate 360.


It’s double-jointed. The waist can CREEPILY rotate 360. That must have hurt. It can also make Dark Kiva bend at the side.

Legs and Feet

The connection between the hips and the legs is on a double-joint. It can almost do a full split. It can sit. It can even kneel. The feet, as usual, can move side to side and the toe is articulated as well.

4. Accessories (7/10)


It has the standard amount of hands, however, it’s missing something. *spoilers ahead* We all know that Dark Kiva went to Wataru’s brother, which is Saga. Now, he was able to use Saga’s whip, as a matter of fact this figure came with it. Sad thing is that it can’t recreate the final scene of the series. It’s the time where Dark Kiva used his Saga whip and Kiva Emperor used Wake-up Fever. That scene is epic besides the Double Wake-up *end of spoiler. So I kinda wished it can do that.

Anyway, this figure got 4 sets of hands:

1. Punching hands
2. Weapon holding hands
3. Relaxed hands
4. Wake-up hands

Zanvat Sword

I haven’t read or watch any Kiva Emperor reviews yet, so I don’t know if that came with the gimmick of sliding Zanvat on the sword. But this figure, Dark Kiva, definitely can’t. Well, it’s understandable and I haven’t really seen him slide it in the show.

Sagark Whip

I really find this weapon cool. It can interchange from whip to sword or vice-versa anytime you want, in the series at least. Unfortunately, it can’t for the figure. But at least, it just looks fine by itself.

My only complaint aside from the seamline you can see in the picture, it does have a nubmark. Well, it’s understandable given that it’s a figure. But meh, it just irritates my eyes as a gunpla modeler. But if you’re figure collector who’s fine seeing these kind of marks, then disregard this rant of mine.

Cape extenders?

I don’t know how it’s really called, I’m not even sure if I called Saga’s whip the right way. Anyway, besides its default cape, you can peg these capes to give it some more effect. Of course, it’ll give you more posing possibilities.

Wake-up 2!!

Besides that the name of its rider kick being awkward, the pose I achieved when it’s doing its rider kick is as just awkward. I don’t know what I did wrong, but yeah, I might try doing it again someday, LOL!

I think Dark Kiva looks the most awesome when he’s doing his wake-up pose. Of course, Kiva looks good as well with those opening chain and things, but I prefer Dark Kiva.

5. Design (8/10)

Have you seen the marks underneath its feet? Yeah, that’s not so right. Well, you pose KR figures while doing a rider kick and now you put a not so very awesome print underneath its feet?!?!

The paint apps, so far is good. Like most of my SH Figuarts, there has been some silver smears. But that’s just very easy to solve. Use a hobby knife to scratch them away then ink them and you’re done.

Removable parts

I see no point on making these parts removable, but I guess that’s how you put things together and this is very much inevitable. Anyway, Dark Kiva, knee caps and Feustle holders (both left and right) are removable.

6.Value (9/10)

I could totally recommend it to Kiva fans. Specially for collectors who prefer dark looking riders. This definitely became an antagonist, but its power, at the end, was used for good.

7. Verdict (41/50)

I guess if Toei didn’t make the last scene, its score would’ve got higher. Well, they did, so I’m disappointed. Anyway, I’m loving this purchase, sure, it’s not perfect, but for its looks alone, it’s BADASS!


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