S.H. Figuarts Faiz (Blaster Form)

1. Info

Sure, KR Faiz’s fighting style is very similar to Kabuto’s, but he’s the first one. In his blaster form, his colors change, the black ones turned red, and the red trims turned silver. He also became powerful and now he’s got a new weapon, which’s name I forgot. He also got a gattling gun mounted on his shoulder, which I forgot whether he really used it or not; mainly because, he didn’t use blaster form a lot.

2. Out of the box (10/10)

I love its box, color red with silver and yellow lettering. It appealed me more than Kabuto Hyper Form’s maybe because the black and white fonts are too mainstream 😛

As usual, the useless instruction manual is found underneath the silver backing.

3. Articulation (10/10)

Basically, it has the articulation of Ryuki. Yes, perfectly the same. Posing isn’t difficult and very easy.


Can rotate 360 degrees. It’s double jointed so it can do the chicken head. Can look all over including upwards, downwards and sidewards.


The shoulder armor can independently move. It can move sideways for more than 90 degrees. Can rotate 360 degrees below the shoulders. It’s double jointed, though it’s a pity that it can only bend a little bit than 90. Hands are on a ball joint so it can wiggle and rotate 360.


It has a waist joint. it can go all around, can move forwards and backwards so much.

Can do full splits. Can kick forwards for 90 degrees. Has a hinge type joint on the hip joint. Can bend on the knees for about 135 degrees. Feet can go side to side, forwards and backwards and has a toe articulation.

4. Accessories (8/10)

It could’ve been perfect if only he has a couple more of hands, this one needs more not like Ryuki and I’ll discuss why in a minute.


5 set of manipulators including the default ones. Two closed fists, 2 relaxed hands and one weapon holding hands. It doesn’t come with a hand that’s gimmicky. At least, I’ve been expecting a flickering fingers hands. Also, you’ll need an extra pair or even just another right hands for holding its weapon. Even though the weapon holding hand fits right in its main weapon, it’s not secure and is often hindered because of the design.

Faiz Galore

There are two kinds of faiz pointer, the one that you can peg on the side and another is peggable near his right feet. There are three kinds of belts, one with phone and mission memory, one with phone but without the mission memory and another that doesn’t have both. There are two versions of the phone, one opened and another small one that can be pegged in the blaster gun. There are two kinds of faiz fist (if I called it correctly), one that is peggable in the side without the mission memory and another that has a hand on it, has mission memory and can only be placed at the right hand (Well, you can put it in the left but that’ll look very awkward). One minor complaint of mine is why doesn’t the phone have standard size, it’s different with the one attached into the belt and the one you put in the blaster? Another is the size for the pointer, why are they different if in reality, they MUST be the same?

Faiz Booster?

Yeah, I know it’s not how you call that but whatever. There are two types of it, the one that is not supposed to move, you just peg and it forget it, and the other goes eveywhere.

Faiz Blaster

Faiz Blaster can’t be called blaster without his blaster and I’m not even sure if this is how it’s called. Its gimmick is weird, from being an attache-case look thingy into a big blaster that can turn into a gigantic sword. Besides that, it’s bulky and not practical to bring along, pretty much like the attache-case of the belts.

Faiz Blaster Effect Parts

Turning the weapon from blaster to sword is pretty easy. Swap the parts by sliding the gun and replace it with the saw like blade. Honestly, it doesn’t look good by itself, it looks awkward. But putting the beam effect part makes a VERY BIG difference. There are little pegs in the effect part so putting it isn’t confusing at all.

Let’s do this mano-a-mano

Oops! Wrong series again.

Exceed Charge

Sorry Dark Kiva, but you’re the only antagonist there is in redblondemean’s collection so… Exceed charge

I don’t even know what this attack is called, but yeah, I really like this very much, even more than the crimson smash.

You’re still alive huh? I can’t even remember someone dying from first attack, so here I go. Exceed charge.. CRIMSON SMASH!

Oh yeah, the very cool looking rider kick. Place the pointer on the feet, then the target will be left stunned and finish it with a rider kick that pierces through the enemy. What I can’t get is that, why does the point have to be stored? It’s always placed in the feet, it doesn’t hinder anything at all so why store it? The time of putting it is a waste of time, specially putting the mission memory from here and there. But makes me look stupid as it’s a Kamen Rider series and it doesn’t need any logic or sense, LOL!

Gat-teu-ling on.. Take this!! Brrtartaratarataratarata

In my opinion, it only looks cool when it’s deployed as a gun. But as a jetpack, nah.

Though it’s the main COOL weapon of Faiz Blaster Form, he wasn’t really able to use this form very much and you know what that means; lesser opportunity to use. Even the awesome sword mode was only used two times, IIRC once in the series and once in the movie.

5. Design (9/10)

It could’ve been perfect except for its neck. It’s VERY long for a figure of a human and even more for a human that is. But everything with him is good. The design from the series was well portrayed in figure form. Even the design itself looks good so what more in figure form? The eyes, every gadget it has, the beam effect for the sword, the paints apps and most likely the red are awesome! Well, I wish it had some more colors under the feet, but yeah, not a complain but just a tiny wish.

6.Value (9/10)

I have pretty much the same assessment with this figure and Hyper Kabuto. Both needs an extra set of hands, but in this one, even a proper right hand will do. Much even better if it has a dialing hand so we can recreate a exceed charge. Also the neck, it’s too long. Besides that, I think it’s worth it. The effect part stands out and if I were to display it, I’d have it with it. Looks awesome and badass if you ask me.

Most of the reviews I’ve seen are pretty much positive. Though I don’t think they’ve ever complained about an extra set of hands like I did. If you’re a Faiz fan, get this! It’s the most updated SHF in Faiz series so I don’t think you’ll ever regret getting one.

7. Verdict (46/50)

Its lowest is the accessories part. That’s my only major, if you can consider it major, complaint. But for an SHF, it really is GOOD!Design and articulation is where it excels. It’s one of the most updated SHF last year so it’s to be expected. But my most favorite thing about this is… IT’S RED.


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