S.H. Figuarts Kabuto (Hyper Form)

1. Info

KR Kabuto is just badass and this just makes him even more. By using the “Hyper Zecter”, another beetle like Zecter, he’s able to achieve this final form. Since Kabuto is almost unstoppable, even though Hyper Zecter got destroyed, it went back in time just for him, LOL! Just like Kabuto having a “masked form”, this also has a semi-form. One is the “ordinary mode” and the other is his “hyper clock-up mode”. Hyper clock-up is just insane that it has the ability to rewind time and even makes him faster than those who’s in “clock-up”.

I’ll honestly choose Kabuto over Faiz anytime when it comes to fighting style. I think Kabuto is the rider that doesn’t get tossed a lot. Of course, he had his hard times, but it didn’t reach to the point that he’s hopeless. He’s always able to think a way to defeat his enemies.

I bought this figure altogether with Dark Kiva and Faiz Blaster Form. I could say that I didn’t regret getting this one, though it’s one of the older SHFs.

2. Out of the box (9/10)

It could’ve been perfect, but well, this belongs to the older type of SHF and I honestly didn’t like it compared to the recent 000 series SHFs. If they did something else, just like what they did with Faiz having some lines above the label, I would’ve appreciated that.

Once again, the not so helpful manual can be found underneath the silver backing.

3. Articulation (8/10)

I had a problem with this figure that I haven’t encountered with my two previous SHFs, though it didn’t matter a lot, it’s still a bother.


It’s on a ball joint and is double jointed. It can rotate 360 degrees.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands

The shoulder pads can independently move. The silver and the red parts of it are separable. The arms can go up sidewards for about 90 degrees. Torso-shoulder connection is double-jointed. Arms can rotate 360 below the shoulders. The elbows are double jointed. The hands are on a ball joint, it can move 360 degrees and wiggle.

Wings and Waist

The wings are connected via peg. You can flip it sidewards and that’s it. The waist has a joint and you can pretty much move it all around.

Legs and Feet

It can almost do a full split. It can sit with legs pointing straight forward. It can also kneel. The feet is on a ball joint but it can rotate 360 degrees, which isn’t needed at all because I don’t think you’ll pose with its feet pointing outwards just to balance it. Its toes is also articulated.

Honestly, you can barely notice any difference in its articulation, but I had difficulty posing it because of its hip joint. Of course, it’s your normal SHF joint, but tilting it around makes it difficult to bend the legs, which is an issue for me. Though you might consider it minor, posing this one made it a bit difficult.

4. Accessories (8/10)


For me, consider 4 set of hands as the norm. Except if it’s not needed of course. But I think in this case, it needed an extra set. Sure, heaven-pointing finger is greatly appreciated but grandma said this once, “For a weapon that’s so big and bulky, you needed a very reliable hands to hold it”. Yes, I’ll go into that later.

Sets are the ff:

1. Punching hands
2. Weapon holding hands
3. Relaxed hands
4. Heaven-pointing hands (single)

Obachan said this once, “I might be an awesome rider, but I’m just a mediocre SHF”.

Hyper clock-up fins

Though it could be better if these parts were embedded into this figure, I’m still thankful even so. It’s just understandable, this is an SHF for crying out loud.

You need these parts in order to transform it to its hyper clock-up mode. To do so, you need to do the ff:

1. Unpeg the red panel on its chest. Then repeg it to the outer set of holes as seen in the picture. Though it’s awkward to see the inner ones exposed after doing so.

2. Unpeg the red plate armor parts in its forearms and legs. Then, peg the opened-up fins.

As you can see at the pics, the left side has the opened-up fins and the on the right are the default.

Hyper Wings

I don’t know how Kabuto’s wings are called, but I called it so because he’s ALL HYPER so why not call its wings the same? Anyway, part of the hyper clock-up is its wings.

3. Unpeg the silver wing-type panels at the back and replace it with the wing-type panels that has the wing effect parts.

Yes, that completes Kabuto’s hyper clock-up mode look. I really love its wings, though it looks like it’s been cut by a 5 year old, but the overall effect is actually GOOD. And now, for its last accessory.

Perfect Zecter

I love the Perfect Zecter, though the zecters that were attached to it looks unecessary, those were actually necessary to perform its two ultimate attacks. Perfect Zecter has the ability to summon “The Bee”, “Sasword” and “Drake” Zecters anytime Tendou wishes to. It can detach those zecters even when a user is currently using it, LOL! Unfortunately, the only Zecter that’s movable is the “Sasword” Zecter. I wish the other two can move as well. Good thing is that it can turn to its gun mode as well.

As you can see, the weapon holding hand isn’t holding it too well. I think that they should’ve included a better set of hands than this. I have a feeling that this kind of hands is the standard weapon holding hands that’s available in every SHF out there.  Why include a standard set when it’s not gonna hold a standard weapon. C’mon Bandai, isn’t so obvious that Perfect Zecter has a bigger handle than the rest?! Anyway..

Kabuto, The Bee, Drake, Sasword power… All Zecters COMBINE!

*insert effect part and sound*

When the four buttons on the Perfect Zecter were pushed and the trigger was pulled, it will unleash its ultimate attack while on sword mode, the MAXIMUM HYPER TYPHOON!!! Sure, the name it toooo long, but it worked for me.

I know it’s kinda stupid to push all the buttons, but pushing just one will unleash a different attack when the trigger is pulled, though those were strong attacks, they can’t finish STRONGER enemies.

Kabuto, The Bee, Drake, Sasword power… All Zecters COMBINE part 2!

*insert blasting effect part and  an exploding nuke sound here*

When all four buttons were pushed and the trigger was pulled once again, while on gun mode, it will unleash MAXIMUM HYPER CYCLONE!!! Another looong name, but this is my favorite. In order for Kabuto to use this properly, he needs to activate his hyper clock-up. It’s that powerful.

But of course, he won’t be the main protagonist without his own rider kick.

*Kabuto pushed the lever of the Hyper Zecter*

Maximum Rider Power…
3, 2, 1…

Tendou: Hyper Kick
Kabuto Zecter: Rider Kick

LOL! That was just epic, Tendou and the hyper Zecter weren’t saying the same thing. I think they should’ve made the Hyper Zecter say “Hyper Kick” instead of “Maximum Rider Power”.

5. Design (9/10)

I love the design, though I’m not sure about this, some of the parts, particularly in the hands, the red is somewhat faded. I didn’t think Hyper Kabuto had that design in the series or I might have missed to see such detail. Anyway, don’t be confused about the design on the feet as I am a victim myself of this. I thought that I lost a part for its left foot (right your in our orientation). But when I tried removing the armor part for the right foot, it didn’t budge. So I figured by searching on the net that the right and left feet is asymmetrical. I guess I learned it in a hard way.

What’s really disappointing is the lack of proper paint apps for the hyper zecter. To tell you honestly, it should have that detail. I mean, I know it’s small, but they were able to detail such small parts in other SHFs so why not in this one too? Could’ve been a lazy move in part of Bandai.

Removable parts

The knee caps and the Hyper Zecter were  removable. Well, the Hyper Zecter is kinda loose, so be sure not to lose it.

6.Value (9/10)

For me, I bought this kit not just because it’s red, but it’s one of the most awesome riders out there. Yeah, it has its flaws, but they aren’t as bad as I thought it would be. But, I think an extra set of hands can bring its score a bit higher than this because it needs to have one.

Overall, if you’re a Kabuto fan, this is a must get. This is so far one of the best Kabuto kits out there; I even think that it actually is.

7. Verdict (43/50)

Biggest downers are: lack of a good set of weapon holding hands for its Perfect Zecter turing it to a not so perfect zecter; lack of details for Hyper Zecter.

Biggest ups are: WINGS *teary-eyed face expression*; It’s Tendou Souji and is highly recommended by Obachan.

Anyway, though this is pretty a mediocre figure, at least it’s decent. It could’ve been worse you know. I still recommend this though 🙂


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