S.H. Figuarts Ryuki & Dragreder

1. Info

I’m still a newbie when it comes to SH Figuarts, it’s actually my first one so if there are errors, please bear with me.

Kamen Rider Ryuki, the main protagonist of its series and Dragreder, his contract beast. This release was packaged into one. If I were Bandai, I’ll release them separately, but Bandai was generous enough to throw them in together; pretty much like what they did with MG 00 Raiser.

I was contemplating what to buy that day and figured that Ryuki was the best buy as of that moment since it won’t be available that long.

2. Out of the box (10/10)

Nice silver box with red chrome for the font. Ryuki at the side. There are several poses at the back that you can recreate (I only used the final vent as a reference).

The FREE stand can be found underneath the plastic holder. And underneath the silverbacking is the manual and the card vents.

I really like the box, I’m digging it. the moment you take the thing out of the box, you’ll instantly be amazed on how many things it comes with.

3. Articulation (10/10)

I think the articulation for this figure is up-to-date. Seeing some reviews of most red SH Figuarts out there, this was just a recent release.


It has a double jointed neck, meaning it can do the chicken head. Can also go sideways A LOT. Can look upwards and downwards. Finally, can rotate 360.


It also has a double joint for the shoulders. If you’re into gunpla, it’s very similar to Exia’s. It doubled-jointed. The hands are on a ball joint; it can rotate 360 and wiggle.


It has a waist articulation, which is very much appreciated. Can go all around, like it can bend to the side and can go upwards and downwards.


For you to re-create rider kicks and anything that KR do in the show, the figure must be flexible enough. Most specially their legs. If not, then that’s a bad news. Thankfully, this one did a great job. It can sit, meaning it can move its legs forward. It can almost do a full split. It can also kneel, thanks to its double jointed knee. There’s also a joint for the feet and it can move a lot. Finally, there’s a joint for the toe.

Well, that’s it for Ryuki’s articulation. Dragreder has its own articulation, but I’m discuss it in the “accessories” section.

4. Accessories (10/10)

This figure comes with a lot of things and that’s always good. Now, prepare to get bombarded because I have a lot of things to talk about here.


As you can see, it has a lot. 12 hands to be exact. But only five is a set. I’m pretty sure that the other 2 isn’t.

1st set: Punching hands
2nd set: Relaxed hands
3rd set: Open hands
4th set: Weapon holding hands (big gap)
5th set: Weapon holding hands (medium gap)
11th hand (right): Vent holding hand
12th hand (left): Dragvisor hand (small gap)

Actually, I’m not 100% sure if the 5th set is really a set. There’s something different between the two. I’m not just sure how much. But nevertheless, it’s minimal.

Each has their own role and you have to make sure you use the right one.


This can be found on a plastic underneath the silverbacking. It’s with the instruction manual (like I’ve used that thing, LOL).

(From left to right) Sword Vent, Guard Vent, Add Vent, Strike Vent and Final Vent. I’m not really sure if you can see the details. But I assume you didn’t because I really can’t. I’m not even sure if I identified the vents properly.


This thing is what Ryuki use to access the vents’ power.

It’s rather detailed and I love it. My complaint is the way you have to put it in the arms.

For you to put it properly, you need to use the weapon holding manipulator. I advise using the big-gapped one. Then you must remove the silver button like in the forearm. It’ll reveal a hole that you’ll peg in the dragvisor. If you want, you can use the vent holding hand then make him like he’s using one. Putting a vent inside could be an issue, I mean, see what happened to the mini dragon’s visor. If you slide it all the way, it can fall off.

Strike Vent

I love it. It’s as detailed as Dragreder, which is supposed to be anyway. It’s not the same size though. But I don’t think you’d want them to be. It can open its mouth, which is cool since you can make it look like it throws a fireball, like it should.

Putting it in is hassle. But I found a better way to do it. Strike Vent is made up of two parts, they are separable. Put in the first piece on the arms, but you need to take off the hands beforehand. Then, peg in the head. You’re DONE! However, if you wish to do the shortcut, the right way of doing it actually, just peg in the whole Strike Vent after removing the hands. But shooting the peg inside the hold is a hassle for me.

If you’re worried that Strike Vent is too long that it’ll hinder the articulation of the arms, well, fortunately, you’re wrong. It can still bend like the usual.

Guard and Sword Vent

These two accessories will come from Dragreder. The Sword vent will act as the tail and the Guard Vent will act as its arms.

Just like the dragvisor, it involves removing of the silver button thingy. When you take out the Guard Vent in Dragreder, it will have the peg underneath. I advise that you remove it first, then peg it in the shoulders. That’s when you’ll put the Guard Vent itself.

It’s very practical to use the guard vent this way, at least its hands are still free. However, there is another way to hold it.

You need to use the weapon holding hand this time. You’ll also need the two silver handles; make the weapon holding hand hold those two. Then peg those hands to Ryuki. Now his hands are occupied, well at least he can now bring it forward.

I’m not sure if Ryuki used his Shield and Sword Vents like this way, but I think he’ll look good if he ever did.

Free Stand

Yes, it’s free and it’s gorgeous. The clear stand’s purpose is mainly for Dragreder. But of course, you can use however you want it to. What’s unfortunate is that it involves assembly, yes, you need to. It’s inevitable. I don’t think a figure will come with a free stand that you don’t have to assemble yourself.

I was fortunate that I have a very handy-dandy nipper that I can use to remove the parts from the runners. Construction’s pretty easy and straightforward. I didn’t even bother looking at the manual.


The greatest accessory that this figure comes with, his contract beast, Dragreder. I’m just amazed about everything it has. The details and even the articulation is superb. Each piece are articulated. Pretty much like MG Epyon’s whip.

I figured that Guard Vent is a part of Dragreder and I should also review its articulation. As you can see, there are four points of articulation. Though I feel like it’s very unnecessary to do so. I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever pose Dragreder in many ways.

Final Vent

I was able to make Dragreder stand using only two arms of the stand. But the outcome, of course, isn’t good. So I had no choice but to use the last one for stability. And there you have it, man, looks good. Unfortunately, I decided not to display Ryuki in my cabinet. It’s reserved for my gunplas πŸ™‚

Rider Kick

Of course, I want to recreate the rider kick that he did in the show. But that’s impossible without the fire effect, LOL!

5. Design (9/10)

I like the what Bandai did here. The paints are as accurate as ever. Though I wish that the vents were more clear. The silver button thingy for the forearms are loose. It tends to fall off everytime. The visor can also fall off sometime when you slightly hit it.


Like I’ve told you, the visor is removable. The card holder is removable from the buckle as well.

If you’re ever wondering, all of the silver button like thingy are removable. Even those that are in the knee. I’m not sure if those that are in the belt are also removable. I didn’t try, but I think it is removable as well.

6.Value (10/10)

Its price is like getting two SH Figuarts in one. But yes, all you’ll get will be worth the penny. You’ll get Dragreder, which you can consider the worth of a second figure, MANY extra hands and a stand.

I recommend getting it specially for Rykui fans. If you’re not, then get it as well. I think even those who hate it might actually love it in the end.

7. Verdict (49/50)

I find its score very high. Well, what can I do, it deserve this much love from me. I’m no Ryuki fan, just a red figure/model fan. I don’t even like Ryuki’s design that much, but I was still able to appreciate everything from this figure. I really recommend getting one.


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