LBX Hakai-Oz

1. Info

Seriously, I absolutely know nothing about LBX nor its anime. As far as I can tell, this kit can supposedly act as model kit and a board game at the same time. Actually, underneath the box comes a board game type drawing. Also, it has a dice. But it’s not your usual dice. You’ll see it in detail later.

What got me interested in these kits are the boxarts. You can’t help but be amazed. And so I bought, not just one, but three of its kind. I’ve got all the red kits of the series thus far. What’s really disappointing about them are the number of stickers. Since this was made by Bandai and we all know, even their gunpla kits, that their sticker technology is becoming a lot better recently, they aren’t really that bad unless you’re going to use it in a not flat surface. Besides that, it’s almost like an SD. They say that these kits are the hybrids of HG and SD gunplas. There will be many parts that you’ll need to paint yourself. But what really made them shine for me is the design and abundance of clear effect parts.

Since this is an LBX review, it’ll follow a different format. Sure, it’ll be pretty much the same, but it the overall feel will be different.

2. Out of the Box (10/10)

I can’t really praise the box art any more. As you can see, there’s a board-game type drawing at the back of the box. Honestly, I have no interest in playing the game. If there’s someone I know that knows or plays the game, then I might try it. But as of now, I don’t think I’ll every play nor try figuring how to play this.

Plate A

Plate A, again, has four colors, pretty much like how Gundam kits are. I’m liking this pattern Bandai.

Plate B

Black parts here that will go in the feet and arms sections.

Plate C

Light gray parts here. That weapon looks menacing.

Polycaps and Foil Stickers

Like I’ve told you, this kit will have a lot of stickers. I’m not so sure about the polycaps, but I think the materials they used here are different from gunplas.

3. Step-by-step build (10/10)

I can justify why its score is perfect and I think it’s pretty much safe to assume that all LBX kits will have the same score. I’ll enumerate the differences of building a gunpla vs an LBX.

1. Marks/Guides

The kit comes with three runners, and each runner have marks or indicators that will give you information as to where the parts will go. In the example above, it indicates the parts near will be used for the weapon. Oh wait, these marks can’t be found in runners only, but in the sticker sheet as well.

2. Runner breakdown

This is what happened at the runners after I built the kit. In the runners, there could be more than one type of mark. In between the divisions of those marks, you can separate them so you’ll not be confused.

3. Runner numbering system

In gunpla, we’re given with many runners, each has their own numbering system. For Plate A, it’ll, for example, have 1-40, meaning it has 40 parts in total. For Plate B, you’ll have like 30. But for LBX, the numbers for Plate A-C will not reset. Meaning, for Plate A, it’ll have, again for example, 1-40, then for Plate B, it’ll have 40-80 and so on. This, for me, isn’t confusing for as long as the number of parts aren’t that many. If it’s like MG, I don’t think it’ll ever be as easy.

4. Parts removal

Like the SD Wing Zero EW version, this kit doesn’t require hobby tools, or even nail cutters if you opt in using that one. All you need are your fingers and pull the part you need. It’s that easy. Of course, you might still want to shave excess parts, but these cases rarely happens in this type of kits.

Anyway, that’s it for the differences, now let’s move on with the build itself.


The head, obviously, has a lot of foil stickers. I think it’ll only be obvious for people who has keen eyes. Besides, they aren’t that bad in this part. The construction itself is pretty easy that I didn’t become so independent on the manual.


The torso is so nice, however, this is the part that’s most lacking in terms of colors. The gray parts are supposed to have red colors in some areas that they didn’t give any stickers for it. I’ve been wondering on what purpose the chip looking thing does have. It’s plastic is made up of clear green, however, you’ll put sticker all over it. I mean, why did you have to make it clear green when you can make it not green? It’s a small nitpick of mine so don’t worry 😛

Arms and Shoulders

I love everything here, but the shoulders. Don’t get me wrong, I love the design of the shoulders. But the sticker on it made it suck. They peel off everytime and it really doesn’t make the kit all that good. I really recommend painting this kit. The joints are kinda awesome, they lock into place once you snapped it together. Yes, it made a snapping sound. The real winner here are the wheel like forearm and the spikes for the fists. They look very menacing.

Feet and Legs

Still, the orange stickers for this part also sucks. But fortunately, however, they aren’t as bad compared to the stickers in the shoulders. Construction is simple, again, the joints do snap together. The design is good, but the articulation is…. We’ll get there 🙂


Very fair and simple construction here. The red part seems unnecessary as you won’t be able to see it once all has been snapped together. Once I saw the joints for the side skirts. I suddenly recalled the annoying ball joints from 00 series. Yes, it has the same effect. It pops out ALWAYS. But seems not as frequent as 00 kits.

It’ll look like this once completed.


I don’t know how do you call this weapon, but nevertheless, it looks very amazing. The clear effect part really works great.


Yes, this kit comes with a dice. It’s a board game after all. You might be familiar with the parts that we have here. They actually came with the runners, but…you thought that they’re supposed to be like “guides” as you’re building the kit. Sorry, but that not just it. It can be pulled out the runner and it’ll be used as a part of the dice. This is one of the things that amazed at with this kit.

4. Articulation and Posability (8/10)

I’ll be very gentle on this kit as they’re not supposed to be very articulated ans poseable. They are board game pieces for crying out loud. I still don’t know how I’m going to rate this kit as I haven’t built any LBX kit to compare this with yet. However, I’m giving an initial score and will just edit this later.

Head rotate 360.

Shoulders rotate 360 from the torso. Rotate 360 below the shoulders. Be careful with the shoulder pads as it have the tendency to pop out if you move the arms upwards too much. It has a single joint for the arms and can move up 90. Hands are on a ball joint that can wiggle and do 360.

Waist can go 360.

Legs can’t rotate anywhere below the hips. Only has one point of articulation in the legs. But the shoulder pads can move independently. Finally, the feet can move forwards and backwards a little.


Since the kit’s posability is VERY limited, I can’t do any very dynamic poses; A little more than SDs and a little less than HGs. Now I know why people call these kits a hybrid of both. Well, one thing’s for sure, it looks GOOD!

I’ve tried to recreate the pose it has for the boxart, however, I wasn’t able to. Of course it’s very unfortunate thing. They showed you something awesome, but you won’t be able to see that after you build the kit. That was very very sad.

If you are ever wondering, it has a HOLE underneath its hips. I don’t have a stand and I’m not even sure what type of stand it needs.

5. Design (8/10)

This is no gunpla that’s why I was generous enough not to give it a score something like below 5. I think that I should score all LBX kit accordingly. If I ever deduct points for Gunplas having so much stickers, I won’t, however, for LBX kits. It’s their norm and that shouldn’t be an issue unless, of course, the sticker quality suck, it’s not anime accurate or the place where you have to stick it suck.

I gave it 8 because though it has stickers to make it as anime accurate as possible, some surfaces isn’t really that ideal to put some stickers on it. Another reason is that it has some parts that’s not anime accurate. It’s supposed to have red colors on its chest and at the back, which they didn’t give any stickers. Come to think of it, I think I won’t use those stickers anyway.

6. Gimmicks (0)

I think it’s pretty normal for LBX kits to have clear effect parts. This, however, only had a few. It doesn’t even come with a stand. But I guess, those who come with a stand, which I bought, are too small that they can generously give an extra stand.

7. Value (9/10)

Though it has a bulky weapon, which you might think compensates for it having no stand, I don’t think it’s not justified. Well, that was one minor flaw. But that’s just me.

8. Verdict (43/50)

Not really bad score for my first review. But I can’t really think of anything that could reach a very high score. I don’t even think Bandai will work that much for the designs so that seamlines will be eliminated. I also don’t think that they’ll ever get rid of the amount of stickers that comes with it. Well, these are my nitpicks, but that’s completely out of scope. This is a nitpick of someone who did gunpla first that I can’t help to compare the two.

Overall, this has become a very fun build. Everything is refreshing. I think I’ve absorbed the norms of building kits like this. I think that these kits are specially made for kids since they are practically very easy to build, from the instruction manual, the separation of parts in the runners and up to the ease of removing parts from the tree, it has all the elements for kids to enjoy it. Plus the fact that you don’t only pose and play with the kits itself, but also you’ll be able to play it as a board game. I really admire the strategy that Bandai in doing for this series. Since you want stronger weapons, so you can win more board game sessions, and I think they’re also advertising that these kits are capable of parts swapping, it’ll only create opportunities for their players/customers to buy more.


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