LBX Kunoichi

1. Info

Kunoichi, a speedy type “robot?”. It looks like a “ninja” based on its weapon, physique and looks. But its greatest asset is its color, red and pink, LOL! So, will this kit have better range of articulation compared to the bulkier Hakai-Oz?

2. Out of the Box (9/10)

I like to repeat that I like all of the LBX boxes. I only slashed one point of the score since it doesn’t look as awesome compared to Hakai-Oz’s.

Just like every LBX kits, the underside of the boxes are board game like drawings. I still don’t know how to play it though so don’t ask how it’s played. Parts are placed in to two plastic bags.

Plate A

This 4-colored plate comes in pink, red, frosty yellow and clear green colors. I couldn’t specify what type of pink it is, let’s say it’s actually more of a peach color. The red isn’t really that red as well. It has a lighter shade on it. The yellow is almost like the frosty yellow that comes with trans-am colored HG 00 kits. The clear green is just awesome here. But you could already notice that this kit comes with a free stand, YAY!

Plate A can be dived into 6 separate parts

Plate B

Plate B are the red parts. It’s rather small IMO compared to the common ones.

Plate B can be divided into 4 separate parts.

Plate C

The black plate. Part here will go over the body for details and the dice cap.

Plate C can be divided into 4 separate parts.


I think this kit has fewer stickers than Hakai-Oz, however, they’re still all over. At first, I guessed that LBX kits have the same set of polycaps, but I was wrong. Well, that makes sense since their joints are obviously not the same.

3. Step-by-step build (10/10)

As usual, the parts can come-off by just using fingers. But I tried to use nippers this time and it leaves less stress marks. So I recommend the use of nippers here, if you’re very conscious of stress marks that is.


Number of parts used in the head is more than I expected. Considering the number of colors it has, it’s understandable. But knowing LBX kits, they come with many stickers and I think head is not an exception. But I guess they did it here. so yeah, the head only used a single sticker.


As usual the torso comes with the chip like thingy, which I think is SUPER USELESS. I think it’s only used to be “anime accurate”. There are irritating stickers here, be warned that you’ll not stick them to a flat surface, which of course is very annoying. But, the construction itself is very easy. Well, besides that it’s too small, I don’t have any complaints. Anyway, that complaint can be temporary since I still don’t know how it’ll look like when the parts are already together.

Arms, Shoulder and Hands

The shoulders this time is much simpler and it doesn’t pop-off that easily compared to Hakai-Oz. My greatest complaint about this part is the sticker application. The sticker on the upper arm, just below the shoulder, though it’s easy to put, it’s in a position wherein it could get easily peeled-off. But my worst complaint are the yellow screw like stickers. they go in the arms and forearms. They are rounder and though the stickers has slits wherein you can fold it properly so that it’ll hug the surface, it’s still far from perfect. Eventually, when dusts accumulate, it’ll get peeled-off by itself. Well, I had tons of complaints on the sticker application, but that doesn’t affect the whole build itself as construction is pretty easy without those.

Legs and Feet

Its legs is VERY WEIRD. Well, at first i’m finding where the feet is, suddenly, when I saw the instruction manual, I’m already done doing the whole thing. then I looked at it again, I said to myself, “so that’s how its feet looks like?”. Damn, I could have not guessed without looking at the manual. So its feet even actually has heels.  Again, the construction itself is very easy. The sticker application was also very easy. I even want to praise this part for having no seamlines at all, YES, it has none for this part. It actually has “natural seamlines” instead, which gives us more lining opportunities.


Very very easy construction as I didn’t even look at the instruction manual. There’s a single sticker here that you have to put. Surprisingly, it has no front, side and backskirts to hinder its articulation.


Jajan, this is how it’ll look like without the….


I really love its “beam kunai”. It’s my first time seeing one. The construction’s very very easy.

Free Stand

Yes, I have to mention that it’s free. But think again, this kit has the same price with every LBX kits, however, it’s small and you’re gonna think that the amount of plastic that was used in this kit is lesser. So to make up for it, Bandai gave us a free stand just to compensate for that. But I guess the stand is very much mandatory. This kit has a hard time standing, thanks to its very small feet.

The stand itself has some nice articulation, which can surprise you. But that is nothing to brag off.


What’s an LBX kit without a dice? Yes, this once again came with a dice. Comparing the attack power of Kunoichi, which looks very agile, it actually has two attacks with 500 power, while Hakai-Oz only have one. Is that supposed to be really like that?

4. Articulation and Posability (7/10)

The clear hair (a very weird name I called this part) is on a ball joint, so you can pretty much move it every where. The head can rotate 360.

It has joints for the shoulders. The shoulder pads can rotate 360, though it’s on a very tight connection. The elbows are on a single joint. The hands is on a ball joint.

Waist can rotate 360. It only has a single knee joint, but there’ a joint between the feet and the legs. You can rotate for 360.

To tell you honestly, I was expecting this kit to have GREATER articulation compared to Hakai-Oz since it’s thinner and looks more dynamic. Sadly, it isn’t. It basically has the same articulation. Another sad thing is that, it’s ability to pose while not on a stand is very limited. i suggest posing it on a stand so it won’t make your head hurt.

Space is hhhh… oops, wrong franchise.. It’s…. POSING TIME!!!

It can hold the weapon any way you want, backhand or not. But I chose this since it’s the way it holds it according to the box display and it looks more awesome. I really wish that the knee joints are double jointed. It’ll look 3x awesome if it did. It doesn’t look as dynamic as it supposed to be and that makes me sad to the fullest.

Parts swapping technique!!

Instead of looking intimidating, it actually looked funny at the first pic. But I guess, the most compatible looking, in terms of looks, to Kuoichi is Hakai-Oz’s torso. Well, that’s more like it.

5. Design (9/10)

Well, it’s better than Hakai-Oz, at least this kit has almost all the details it needs. I slashed one point because of the stickers. They’re very irritating.

The clear parts are so crisp. I have no complaints or whatsoever. The weapons looks very good that I think Naruto will have doubts in challenging this one on a Kunai against Kunai match.

What I’m most amazed with this kit is the amount of seamlines. Sure, it has at the torso, but the legs, which I thought will have the most, doesn’t have any. Instead, it has natural seamlines, which I’ve said earlier is good since it gives us more lining opportunities.

6. Gimmicks (0)

Nope, doesn’t have any.

7. Value (9/10)

It comes with a beautiful stand, however, it’s just right considering its size and having the same price as everyone. But among the two, this is what I can recommend more.

8. Verdict (44/50)

It’s a point higher than Hakai-Oz. I think it deserves such score since I liked it more than Hakai-Oz. Of course, I had some disappointments, but those were covered up by various things instead.

I’ve been saving Pandora among my three “red” LBXs because I always save the best for last. Though I’m still unsure if it’s, just based on the looks, I think it’s.


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    Sir May benta ka pa lbx ? Kuha sana ko here’s my number 09229355173

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