LBX Pandora

1. Info

This kit was the best looking out of the three LBX kits that I currently have. It’s not as slim as Kunoichi and it’s neither as bulky as Hakai-Oz and that’s what I liked about it. Looking at it, it’s certainly a melee type like Kunoichi that’s why I’m having thoughts as to whether Pandora is stronger than Kunoichi. That’s what I assumed since Kunoichi is more slim and that’s it’s faster, but weaker.

2. Out of the Box (10/10)

I still like Hakai-Oz’s boxart more than this, though this one looks amazing too. Again, this comes with a board-game like drawings underneath the box. Runners are separated into two plastic bags.

Plate A

Four colors are: Clear blue, clear violet, yellow and white. The clear blue goes to the weapons, and the clear violet is the hair. The runner can be separated into 5 pieces.

Plate B

It’s the red colored plate that goes all over the kit. Though at first glance, I was having second thoughts as to whether the amount of red for this kit is enough. Thankfully, it is since it’s just a small kit.

Plate C

The last plate’s color is actually color dark blue. But seeing it in here in the pics, I was surprised that it actually looks Black to me. But yeah, it’s dark blue but not quite close to black.

Note: I’m sorry that I was actually able to forgot taking the picture of the polycaps and the sticker sheet. Oh well, that’s not that important anyway.

3. Step-by-step build (8/10)

The build itself isn’t hard, but putting the stickers properly isn’t.

The head is a pretty easy build. Though I wish that the actual eye piece is a clear part, overall, the effect is still good nonetheless. What makes the head a winner is its clear violet hair. What’s disappointing is that you need to put a violet sticker on the two white pieces here. It’s a flat surface so that’s good, but it’s a polygon so that involves bending of the sticker. Thankfully, it’s not rounder shape so the sticker hugs well. I’d also like to note that all of the channels/panel lines for all the dark blue parts will have sticker above it. They provided us with stickers instead of lining it with violet marker or paint ourselves. That’s neat because we can choose what to do. Either way, the sticker looks good as you can see on its facemask.

Torso and Waist

It’s one straight build once again. So simple and not confusing. I also like the chrome sticker that will be concealed with a clear part. Though the yellow sticker that you have to put above the clear part is pretty annoying, it actually stays on it pretty well.

Shoulders, Arms and Hands

This is where placing of stickers gets annoying. Have you seen the white and blue parts? Those are actually stickers. Now, though sometimes it’s good to have them, since it can cover the seamlines, in the end, it will actually create a seamline by itself. Also, the the blue parts will actually go underneath the channels of the red parts. That’s why you need to be extra careful on putting them or else they won’t look that good. That’s what I did one some, but in the rest, I placed it somehow good. So for modelers who want to use paint instead, you can do so and I don’t think it’s that hard because it doesn’t involve great masking because parts were separated by channels. If you chose to use stickers instead, please feel free as they still look good. The most annoying sticker that you have to put is the yellow one since its area is an oval. Yeah and I’m not good in putting stickers in those kind of area.

Legs and Feet

The construction of this part is weird, but the heels is somewhat similar to Kunoichi. But this time, it’s bigger, which is better. It gives stability to kit when it needs to stand. The yellow stickers this time is even more annoying since it does come with two and like earlier, the surface isn’t plain flat but rounded. This part, again, has blue and white stickers and the method of putting them is the same. It also has violet sticker for the channels.


What made this part stand out and look unique is its backskirt. It’s big and bulky, yet, it doesn’t hinder its articulation and posability. Though one small nitpick of mine is that the clear violet part was placed underneath the back skirt so most of the time, you won’t be able to see it. This, again, has violet stickers for the channels. The construction is not confusing and the only new thing here is the back skirt, which isn’t confusing either.

Hope Edge

Oh, did I just gave you a surprised expression? LOL! I actually know Pandora’s weapon. But, don’t worry. I don’t even have to research to get its name. Its name can be found at the side of the box. So far, all of LBX kits have a name for their weapons that can be found at the same location. Stupid me for not reading everything.

Anyway, the construction is pretty easy captain obvious wants you to know. The good thing about this one is that you don’t actually have to remove the hand guard just to put this weapon on it. All you need to do is to slide the weapon guard instead.

FREE Stand

Though the stand looks good, it’s just static, doesn’t plug underneath the kit and, so far, it’s only usable by Pandora. Well, that’s according to what I see. But I’m thankful still.


The same old boring dice that i don’t think I’ll ever use. Anyway, its attack power for both of its feet is 500 just like Kunoichi’s.

4. Articulation and Posability (8/10)

Head can turn 360 degrees. It can also do the chicken head. The hair can’t move at all so don’t bother.

It can rotate 360 on the shoulders and below. It only has a single joint for the elbows.

Waist can rotate 360 degrees. Backskirts can do flip-flop action towards the side.

Th knee only has a single joint.

Based on my experiences with my three current LBX kits, they really can’t rotate 360 degrees under the hips. It also doesn’t help that it only has a single joint for  the knee and elbows. But what’s good about this one is that there’s a way for it to look more dynamic while it’s holding its weapon.

It can hold its weapon anyway you want to, just like Kunoichi’s. This is achievable by using the ordinary set of manipulators.

There’s a little piece of plastic that you can put into its hands, giving the illusion that its holding the weapon more towards the side.

And the effect you’ll be getting is something like this. It might look weird at this angle, but at some, it doesn’t. I now wonder why they didn’t give this to Kunoichi, which of course would help a lot if they did. So I guess I’ll be trying this part out to Kunoichi.

Not quite close enough. The peg in the hands of Kunoichi is not compatible as it comes in a different shape. What you can do is to use Pandoras hands altogether. But that would become weird.

In the stand

I couldn’t really make any dynamic pose more than that, but I guess the pics will come later on the posing time section. For now, I’ll tell you how its stand works for Pandora. All you have to do is to remove the red thing at its back. It’s on a peg that’s secured, but removing it isn’t that hard. Though it can be a little hard to get off at sometimes. After removing so, it’ll reveal a hole in which you have to peg the stand. Don’t worry about the red part that you removed. It won’t get lost as you can just peg it underneath the stand. It’s secured so don’t worry about its connection either. That’s a pretty nice addition IMO.

Though this kit comes with its own stand, there’s still a hole underneath so it’s still compatible in other type of stand, particularly, the stand that comes with Kunoichi’s.

POSING TIME!!! *no more extra words this? I don’t think so*

Well… you can’t really pose LBX kits that much. I tried to be creative as possible and invited Kunoichi as a guest. Its got a backhanded weapon too so why not make them fight? But you know, the effect at the shot isn’t great 😛

5. Design (9/10)

Though the stickers were hard to put, I deducted those points into the build, but as far as the looks is concerned, they look just great. Except the yellow stickers that is. The white and blue stickers combined with the red is a great combination.  Wonder why Australia’s flag looks so great? But besides that, the violet stickers for the channels looks just as great. At first, I thought that it wouldn’t look great, I was a bit worried, but in the end, it did. Well, though it has those seamlines, your eyes won’t really be looking at those. Its beauty will direct your attention to the whole kit instead.

6. Gimmicks (0)

It doesn’t have any and I don’t consider its static stand as one.

7. Value (10/10)

It’s really really worth it for me. Maybe because its size is not as puny as Kuoichi, yet, it came with a stand. But besides that, the design looks great. I’m not really seeing any mecha design that uses this kind of color combination, which is refreshing to see.

8. Verdict (45/50)

As of expected, this kit came triumphant against my two earlier LBX kits. Though I was expecting at least 3 points higher. I wasn’t expecting that the sticker application would be this hard. To sum up, here are the letdowns:

1. Hard sticker application – The blue and white stickers are, though they looks beautiful. The yellow stickers are also hard to stick since they cover a round shape area.

2. I haven’t mentioned this above, but sometimes, the shoulders hits it hair, that in turn will make the head move in its own. It’s a bother, but not that much and I don’t consider it significant.


1. Design – Just look at it

2. Free Stand

For me, though it doesn’t have an edge over other LBX kits, because whether its bulky or not, they pretty much have the same articulation, you’ll now have to look at its design in which it will definitely win. You know that I like red, but the overall look, IMO, will also appeal in your eyes. So for LBX fans out there, I RECOMMEND THIS ONE.


One Response to “LBX Pandora”

  1. BlitzOmega Says:

    The Strider frame DESPERATELY needs better hips. like…it’s almost kinda sad how hindered the hips are because of the way they mount.

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