GEM 1/8 Lelouch Vi Britannia

1. Info

Manufacturer: Megahouse

Scale: 1/8

Details: Bought at Greattoysonline for 5.5Php (with a 5% discount)

This is going to be my first ever Megahouse figure my entire life. I’m also eyeing for a POP, the most popular line of Megahouse, but my funds doesn’t allow me to. Anyway, I’m so excited about this, VERY, that I had to ask my mom to buy it for me because I’m too busy and they’re on their way in that mall so yeah.

This one’s a figure so don’t expect it to move left and right like Bandai ones. Remember, Bandai = articulation and Megahouse = details. Sadly, details are more expensive.

Oh Lelouch, one of my most favorite characters of all time. Even though I don’t agree of what he have done in the series at all, I still like him due to his abilities and will to do such horrible things. Manipulating everyone for his ultimate goal for the sake of everyone, but sacrifices many lives. Well, it worked so…

2. Out of the box

I’m not much fond of the box. I’ve seen the boxart for the first ever GEM figure and GEM for Code Geass, which is Lelouhc Lamperouge and its boxart is way cooler. You know, whenever I see Megahouse’s logo, I can’t help but think that it looks cheap. Like it’s a bootleg or something. Specially when you think that they spend so much for details, but their logo is sooo plain? Anyway..

As you can see, it has openings almost everywhere so that you can see the figure and its accessories while it’s sealed on the box. It even has a nice art on the back of the box.

Of course, when you crack the box open, you’ll have to cut some seals everywhere beforehand and after doing so, everything will be sealed in two plastic containers. Well, it actually has three, there’s another plastic container at the back to contain the cape.

It also has some plastic wrap around the joints. It’s weird for me considering that it doesn’t protect anything at all or maybe it does but I don’t know how it does.

2. Accessories

It comes with a small stand, but nothing as fancy as Bandai’s. It’s because it doesn’t have to. The stand has a pegs on it and it can be pegged underneath Lelouch’s feet.

He can stand on his own. Well yeah, considering that the pegs are located on the stand and not on Lelouch’s leg, it logically can since its feet is still flat.

Cape, long strip clothing and an imperial hat

Everything here are sooo very detailed, I won’t elaborate on it that much in this section, but I just want to emphasize how good the details are. The imperial hat’s nice and it’s easy to put on its head. It has no issues on staying so that’s good. The strip of cloth, I don’t really know how to call it so I’ll just call is a sash, or sash is a bit confusing to put. I mean, at first glance, you won’t know on what direction to put it, but that’s a 50% chance and you’ll definitely get it the second time around 😛 And now for the cape, damn, it’s HEAVY! I maybe be over estimating it, but I think it’s actually heavier than the figure itself. Damn, how I wish I could’ve weigh it in.

Also, there’s a hand under the cape. So basically, when you want to put the cape, you have to remove its default hands and replace it with this one. Anyway, it’s not noticeable most of the time.

Hand without the cape

By default, it comes with this one. You can use this when you don’t feel like putting the cape, but why would you want to do that? I mean, I did for the sake of it, but I prefer him with his cape 100% of the time. When you’re swapping the these two, you’ll actually have to detach the hands because it only comes with one, of course.


I like the faces with geass and the serious looking one, but the other one seems inappropriate for the figure’s static pose. I mean, He looks like he’s serious, but his face looks like he’s begging. I don’t get it. Anyway, I’m still thankful for the extra face nevertheless.

3. Details

This is where it’ll be full of win. The green studs, the red jewels (but they’re just paint apps :P), THE GOLD TRIMS, the blue shading, the hair distribution, every inch of details is totally worth seeing. The only downside is that it’s static, not a part can move. Well, it’s a Megahouse figure, but that’s not an excuse. Recent POPs can move so why not put those in here as well? Oh well..

4. Summary

It’s a good figure, VERY. It just hurts when you find the price the most expensive among all GEM figures. But for me, it’s worth it since I’m a Lelouch fan. But if you’re not, then don’t get this. Now I can’t wait for the next GEM, Suzaku, Knight of Zero version. Damn, that would be epicly ( <- is there such a word? ) nice.


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