PokePla Pikachu (review)

1. Info

Pikachu, #25 in the National Pokedex. The ever so reliable Pokemon of Ash. His buddy that doesn’t leave his side.

Honestly, I got this kit just because this kit is just so cute. I have a major plan for this, but that isn’t really my priority as of now. The main reason why I bought this is the mixture of curiosity and usage. I was curios on how to construct a PokePla and I’ll use it as this page’s mascot.

2. Box and Build (10/10)

Box’s ordinary, I can’t say I loved it, but so far all PokePlas have the same plain looks.

Kit comes with two plates. Both are multi-colored. Pikachu only had a few colors that you won’t be able to see a plate with 4 colors. Remember how I constructed my LBX Hakai-Oz? The parts were as easy to remove here as well. It’s meant for kids anyway, so that’s not something to be surprised of.

The build itself is pretty easy. The instructions are well detailed and for an adult, I don’t think you’ll ever need an instruction manual here.

It comes with a few stickers. The only stickers I used are the eye stickers and the tongue sticker. There’s also a sticker for the nose, but that peels-off a lot. It’s not a flat surface and really, the area itself is too prone of contact. And the more contact it gets, the higher the chance it’ll get peeled-off. I ended-up lining it instead. However, since my panel liner is easy to remove, yes, Copic Marker, the nose turned yellow immediately after I played with it.

3. Articulation and Posability (9/10)

I can’t really compare it with anything else. With my best effort, I was able to see other reviews for other PokePlas. others had so much stick, specially the Serperior set.

Now, for the articulation. The head moves sidewards and while you’re at it, the ear will move. It has a rather unique mechanism that will make the ears move as you move the head. Maybe you can somewhat call it similar with an MG Zaku 2.0 kit, wherein whenever you try to rotate the head sideways, the eyes follow as well. This time, it’ll be the ear that’ll move. Next, you can move the tail 360. The hands can move 360 as well. For the feet, it has not. it’s even hollow underneath, LOL!

It’s POSING TIME!!! This will always be present at all of my reviews 😛

I’m as disappointed as you’re. But remember, Pikachu doesn’t need much articulation. Maybe it’s good for him to be able to recreate the things that he can do in the anime, but seriously, I think that will be a very difficult thing to do in part of Bandai.

I was only able to do three poses, well, but at least he’s cute nonetheless.

4. Design (9/10)

It’s inevitable for it to have seamlines. It’s impossible to Bandai to hide those, unless of course seamlines will become part of the Pokemon’s design, which is not. There are many things that I wanted to praise about this kit. First, the stickers. They stick well, except for the nose’. There are only few as well. Second, almost no painting is required. If you decide to paint the kit, you’ll only have to paint the nose, the rest are in proper colors. I wouldn’t bother painting its eyes since the sticker worked for me; Include the tongue as well.

5. Gimmicks (1)

Moving ears? Nuff said.

6. Value (8/10)

It could’ve been perfect, but the kit itself lacks something. I think Bandai should’ve threw some extra things with it. The Serperior set came with a not-so-cute tiny Pikachu, but this very plain kit comes only with itself. What’s up with that? I know it’s not Pikachu’s fault, but whatever.

7. Verdict(37/40)

This is my first PokePla and I doubt that I’ll buy another one ever again. So for the mean time, other kit reviews is the only way for me to compare it against another, as I’ve said earlier.

I can only recommend getting one if you’re truly a Pikachu fan. Of course, the price isn’t that high, so don’t expect to be getting a lot.


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