We have our own way of preparing the parts that we are about to paint. I personally have one, my personal favorite which is…NOTHING! Yes, I do nothing and I’ll state my reason as to why in a bit. For now, I’ll list the usual things people do prior to painting:

1. Washing

People tend to wash parts using dishwashing liquid diluted in water. Actually it’s better to wash parts while they’re still in the runners. It’s much easier that way. The purpose of this is to wash away the releasing agent which might harm your paint job. Releasing agent is an oily substance that’s used to prevent it from sticking to the mold. Given its use, when some stays of these stays on the part, then your paint might not adhere well to the part. That’s basically the only use of it unless you want your parts to feel clean and smell fresh :3

2. Sanding

No, this isn’t sanding the parts in order to get rid of the nubmarks. People sand part in order for the paint to adhere better. Since sanding makes the surface rough, the paint can now adhere better. However, I feel like this one is more unnecessary, unless you don’t have a primer and absolutely want the paint to adhere to the parts, because you can just use primer. Some people do these two things together because sanding will most likely make the area dirty and washing gets rid of unnecessary things altogether.

Reasons to skip these

This phase is something you can skip to your hearts content and I’ll provide you reasons as to why.

1. Not enough reason

The reason stated above aren’t enough to justify in doing these time consuming things, specially the sanding one. Sanding each and every part isn’t only very time consuming, it can also injure your hands. I’m serious here! After sanding a lot of part whole day just for the sake or cleaning nubs, my hands are already in pain, what more if you sand the entire surface of all of your parts? Imagine the small tidbits of parts? You get it right?

2. Don’t be too hard to yourself

Prevention is better than cure, this is more true in Gunpla than in real life, but doing too much for a small thing isn’t worth your effort. Just use primer and you’ll be fine. TBH, I’ve never encountered someone who experienced a problem in regards to paint not adhering because of releasing agents. I know there are those who’ve had bad paintjob, but that’s because they skipped priming :3


Washing parts is fine. Even if the purpose doesn’t make sense if you’ll use primers, it’ not really that bad overall. But please, avoid the second one. Just don’t :3


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