DONE! MG Aegis done..

Oh Aegis, Aegis! I can confidently say that Aegis is my second most favorite build among my finished works. I’m quite contented at my work, though I’m quite annoyed on how dirty my work on the pipings. Decals are quite good and used a custom decal. For details, you can just check the build part.

This is the second hardest build I’ve done, next to MG Sinanju, followed by Epyon.

Without further a do, I present to you the Transcend and Build part of MG Aegis.

NG 1/100 Justice Gundam (Review)

Hi Athrun, you’re so amazing. I don’t know why you deserve this kind of treatment from Bandai. They gave Infinite Justice an MG treatment, but the rest of your MS doesn’t. Also, your only MG is the only one with the exact color, why oh why?

I can also remember about my feature, that didn’t continue anymore. Sadly, I have to halt it. I just don’t have the energy to continue 😦

Anyway, without further a do, here I present to you the review for the NG 1/100 Justice Gundam