GET! Gundam DX Collection Series 8 and 9 get..

This is rather an unusual buy to me. I’m a RED gunpla collector and this is made of rubber, except of course its stand. I really didn’t like the HG 1/144 because I find them small, though I have some, but I’m buying not just one box, but two of these small 1/400 scaled gashapon. The real reason of me buying this is because I find them cute. I started get fond of them when I saw stryderprime of Youtube having some of these. The detail are good for its scale and these really caught my eye.

I ordered these cuties from HLJ using my older sister’s credit card. Yeah, she’s that good to lend me hers knowing that her credit card info will be saved in my HLJ account, LOL! I got these for about 3.5k PHP in total. That, of course, is EXPENSIVE. But really, I think I got what I want. I really have no choice since there were no local buyers of it nor resellers sell them.

I have opened two boxes and will post the details maybe next weekend. I really want to have a goodshot of the boxes and the gashapons.