GET! HLJ 2 and 4 get…

I once again ordered things from HLJ. I regret getting them, seriously. If you read some of my other posts, you’ll know why. Anyway, I ordered them separately. That’s the reason for having a separate box for each. I got the first one from our post office using SAL. It arrived for about 29 days. Almost a month. Well, consider it a month. I ordered the other one using EMS because I want it to arrive ASAP.

These are the boxes, as you can see. One is through EMS and the other is through SAL. I’m definitely going for SAL the next time, though it’ll take more time to arrive. But it might actually take LONG before I order through them again.

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GET! MG Trans-Raiser get..

It’s been a while since I posted something like this. Well, truth is I really got lazy these past few months. I thought it’s useless to post such things since I’m gonna make reviews of them anyway. But I figured that it doesn’t really beat the purpose of the review. It actually helps since you can anticipate what kits I’ll be reviewing.

Now, I present to you one of my haul for this month, my birth month, Novemeber. MG Trans-Raiser!

I find this haul special, it’s my most expensive and most anticipated kit of all (that got released this year). I was really happy getting this kit and was lucky to get a “discount”. for me, I wouldn’t really call it a discount. Story is I deposited 2000php in his bank account. Then, when my order arrived, I picked it up in his crib, then paid him the remaining balance. Unfortunately, I only handed out 6000php, which I’m supposed to give 6,500php. The reason why I don’t like deposit basis is because I keep on forgetting my remaining balance. Well, that’s my fault. As I’m already in the train, I received a text from my supplier saying that he let me off and even kind enough to give a freebie (Pringles with a 1/400 figure, that is a mono-colored Zaku with a sniper, I think. It’s similar to what I bought at HLJ) even though I paid less since he noticed that my birthday have passed. My conscience was pricked that I want to return and pay him my remaining balance, but unfortunately, I’m already far and I can’t really get tired (since I have an ILLNESS that is preventing me to do so). I was thought and raised like this, so I’m not really happy of what I did. But I’m really happy that he’s not demanding me to pay my remaining balance. That alone makes me admire this person. But not just that, he gave me a freebie. Damn!