GET! I’m back, sort of, get..

WELCOME BACK, myself! Since I went on hiatus, this haul post will be bigger than usual! However, they aren’t as much as you think. More on MGs and whatnot. By the way, this is in no particular order.

Yeah, that’s me. The bloated guy in Gundam Front Tokyo. You’ll surely gain weight in Japan as food’s quality is good and plenty, though very pricey.
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GET.. Sinanju get!!

I finally got MG Sinanju ver KA. This is my very first ver KA kit, MG Epyon will be the next. This is my 3rd non Gundam MG. All my recent hauls are actually MG UCs. Wow, talk about pattern. Anyway, this is my most expensive kit so far, even defeating Exia Trans-am version.

I don’t have any plans of building this yet, I actually wanted to build HGUC Sinanju first so that the review of the MG will be more grand because I have something to compare it with. Also, I want to practice my painting skill and patience with regards to its gold trims.