Wishlist Section Updated!

You know that I have the section called “Red Gunpla Checklist” right? I have modified it heavily based on the things I wanted to have and will modify it later to add-on some more. For now, it has half of what I want. Of course, there’ll be a section of things I want to see from Bandai and etcs.

You might be wondering where the hell is MG Aegis and MG DarkHound? Ammm, they don’t have a boxart just yet, that’s why 😛

So for those who are asking what I wanted for my Bday of Christmas, then here’s my list 😛

LBX Pandora Review

This marks my third LBX kit. So far, I’m enjoying the kits (though they have seamlines and stickers all over). But that’s actually sets it apart from Gunpla. I chose to review this lat among the three, which I picked-up the same time, because I like its design the most.

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Double Review UP! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s not KR Double you punk 😛 Anyway, first of all, again, have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can’t thank you enough, yes you, if ever you read my very small and young review blog. Pretty much, it’s been a year of fun and excitement. I’m hoping for more next year. This blog didn’t turn out the way I projected, but I’m actually happy that it didn’t. It didn’t become an exclusive “red gunpla blog” but turned into a “mostly red, plamo and figure blog” instead.

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LBX Hakai-Oz Review

Hi everyone! I’m back, with yet another review. This time, it won’t be a gunpla. But, an LBX kit. These kits really caught my eye, and in curiosity, I bought some. So far, I already have the three red kits on the series. Of course, I have plans in reviewing them all. I decided on doing Hakai-Oz first because, well… It’s too menacing for me not to review it first, LOL!

Since my review site is not only dedicated to gunpla anymore, you might notice that I added another option above. Now, I have two kind of review tabs, one gundam and one for LBX. I would eventually add two more and that is still a surprise. Truthfully, they aren’t much of a surprise if you read my latest blogs.

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