HG 1/100 Virsago Review

A very old kit, came out during 1996 and is pretty rare nowadays. Glad I was able to buy a brand new and not a built one. I almost bought a built one, thankfully I didn’t. I’m really hoping that this kit will get an MG, count how many times I’ve mentioned that inside the review, LOL! But we all know that MG X will come first.

This is a very awesome looking Gundam IMO. It’s strong, but I felt like it’s only strong in the beginning of the series. It’s got a not-so-amazing pilot which is an cyber-newtype but was classified as failure along with his brother. But nevertheless, they both lived-up to the name of worthy antagonists much like how Le Creuset did in Gundam Seed.

Enough with that crap, let’s go straight to the review. Without further a do, I present to you the review of HG 1/100 Virsago. Cheers!

GET! Virsago get..

I got Maxter and Leopard-D, two very rare kits nowadays. And now behold… this is something I got from a fellow MAC member. A very rare HG 1/100 Virsago. It’s just sad that I got this way more expensive, but who cares, it’s rare and it’s worth it.

With this, I already have 9 in my backlogs. Next week, MG Epyon’s coming. my wallet is crying literally, I really need to stop buying after Epyon and save until Age-1 Titus 🙂