Tutorial: Putting/Assembling Metal Thrusters

Metal thrusters are very expensive, that’s why only a few purchase them. And for some that can afford, they might not be into gunpla that much or are hesitant to use them. They are a beauty and one might think that they are as complicated as hell to assemble. Worry not, they are absolutely not. Assembling them is pretty intuitive, that’s why they don’t come with any instruction manual.

The most complicated step maybe, for me, is gluing the parts together. I use super glue and I can’t think of any alternative. Some of of them though doesn’t require glue.

Installing them in the kit is a different story. It will always require super glue, or maybe not if the shaft barely fits the hole. Anyway, you need a pin-vise or any drilling tool that you have.I actually forgot what diameter of the drill I used. The only thing I’m sure of is that the metal rod fits in barely loose. All of the metal thrusters I have does have the same diameter for its rod. So I think it’s pretty safe to say that all of them will have the same size. Maybe for some smaller ones, you could try a smaller size of drill. It won’t hurt using a smaller one because you can always make it bigger in case it doesn’t fit, unlike if you started with a bigger one. So don’t be afraid on trying the smaller one first just in case you don’t find me trustworthy 😛

You don’t have to worry that much if the hole you drilled isn’t aligned properly, unless you are over OC. The difference isn’t obvious at all. Trust me. So after assembly and drilling a hole, it’s now time to put the fully assembled metal thruster. Put some glue in the metal shaft/rod, whatever you want to call it. You could also put some into the hole you just drilled, but I didn’t mine. Put in and let it sit there until it’s into place. After that, you’re done!


  • Make sure that you already finished doing everything in your kit, including painting, topcoating, panel line and placement of decals before you put the metal thrusters. The last part and always last step is putting the metal thrusters. You don’t want your metal thrusters to be painted or be topcoated.
  • Snapbuild your kit first then check until you’re satisified with its position. Yes, I said putting the metal thrusters comes last, but test fitting isn’t. What if when you’re about to put the metal thrusters, then all of a sudden, it doesn’t fit that you’ll be needing to modify some parts just for it to fit?
  • You can paint them. Yes, I’ve said that you don’t want them painted, but I meant that you don’t want it painted the same color as its armor. Most people use clear paints for the silver parts. For the already colored one, meh, just leave them as is.

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