Tutorial: Painting Gold Trims

Painting the gold trims of Sinanju is quite pain in the ass. Especially the shield which took me quite a few trials just to make it work. And even the end result isn’t something I am proud of.

The two sites which helped all the way are:

Gunpla TV Episode 21

This video showed me that it is quite easy to cleanup the gold trims. This made me worry less. However, it didn’t work for an impatient painter like me. Yes, I am impatient. So for those who are like me, don’t take this route. So, what do I mean by this method won’t work for impatient people like me. If you’re impatient, you tend to paint thick. Yes, I don’t use the water like consistency to handbrush. I do paint in layers, but only 3-4. If you’re patient, I think you could go over 5 layers with thin coats. I don’t want that. Besides, I put my layers every 10 minutes max. So what does that entail? The excess gold paints will be thicker! A lot thicker that if you use your gundam marker (Copic marker in my case) it has the tendency to get busted. Yes I had my Copic markers .02 and .03 busted. Thankfully, I was able to revive my .02, which I care most about. Also, it can’t hide the excess gold trims that well. They are hidden, but it will leave bumps. UGLY BUMPS!

Anyway, even though I have taken this route for many parts, the result isn’t as bad as I think. Just don’t zoom in or you’ll puke.

Z of Gunpla-inochi’s Painting Tips

This prolly saved me a lot! Even for the hardest part to paint, the shield. The toothpick method was mentioned in the comments section in his review section. Basically, I recommend going for the toothpick method. Just use the toothpick and trim away those excess gold. It won’t harm the plastic, I swear! I didn’t even get gentle because I don’t tend to.

I also followed his method for the shield. Unfortunately, I could have used the toothpick method for the insignia as well, but it’s already too late. Refer to my build section to find out why. For those who aren’t gifted, you can try using the toothpick method just for the insignia in the shield. The rest, follow Z. He is the man!

Before and After

As seen on the pictures, toothpick method is the best!

PS: This method is only recommended if you have no plans of repainting the black parts and prefer hand painting.


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