Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 13: RE (Updated)

You might be wondering why the title is RE, in a bit, I’ll explain it to you why.

The 53rd Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014 have brought us many announced kits. Some of them are expected and some aren’t, a total surprise. But nevertheless, it gives us a lot of info. The list goes here (cr: GundamGuy)

MG 1/100 Hi-Nu Gundam Ver. Ka

This is to be expected, its announcement isn’t really surprising. However, there is something surprising about this release. First of, another BIG ver Ka kit that won’t be released in December. You might also notice its proportions. It’s nothing like Nu’s which most of us will think that they released this kit because it’ll be similar to Nu ver Ka. Yes, maybe they’ll recycle the frame, but most of the armors, totally new. Its proportions are more based of its original design unlike the MG Hi-Nu and HG. More like the Robot Damashii’s. I have mixed emotion on this one. First, it’s good that it’s a ver Ka kit, many details and decals. However, the proportions are totally not ver Ka’s, why? It’s like they’re trying to combine the best of both worlds. Details + original proportions. Also, looks like it won’t have any psychoframe gimmick unlike the Nu. Which as okay for me because of another kit that they’ll release.

RE/100 Nightingale

Finally, Nightingale in 1/100 scale. But but but, it’s in a new grade that Bandai has announced. The reborn grade, RE/100. I don’t know if you are meant to type it that way, we are used to say “MG 1/100” instead of “RE/100”. It was confusing at first because they described the line as “highly detailed” in which RG is the first thing that comes in to my mind. But I said to myself, it’s impossible. Can they even detail the Sazabi even more? There are already MGs wearing funky looks, there’s no need to do a separate line that’s even more detailed. So I initially thought that Bandai will separate the RG looking MGs into a separate line which was my wish back then to avoid confusion and variety. However, it’s a new line by itself.

By people’s observation, it’s nothing more but a continuation of the HG/NG 1/100 line, lacking innerframe and doesn’t have much details. IMO, it maybe is, look wise, but look at how it’s constructed:

It might be an HG, construction wise, but there are new things that I can see here. First of, the armor parts are in correct color; much like the newer HGs. It also has some sort of an inner frame. Well, I’d like to call it skeleton. Oh, don’t be confused, innerframes IMO should not be called skeleton as they more like skeleton + muscles. RGs in a sense have the advanced joints as skeleton, and you slap some innr frame parts into it, those are the muscles and the skin are the armor parts. See those gray joint looking, those are the ones I’m talking about. They also have some polycaps around which will most likely new.

Now that Nightingale is gonna be released in tandem of MG Hi-Nu, they won’t be lonely that much for long.

I’m definitely getting this, but I have yet to earn some money. I don’t even have a Sazabi ver Ka, yet I named my blog after him, lol!

RE/100 And Beyond

So let’s discuss the new line, what are your thoughts about it? Well, you see, Nightingale is something that Bandai won’t be able to reuse the mold of. Maybe it’s bad because the mold were just one time use pretty much, just like the next in the line announced RE/100 kits, the Gundam MK-III and GP04. Maybe they can be made as an MG, but Bandai thought that it has no point given that the kits they were based on are outdated (MK-III from MK-II perhaps and the GP04 from Gp03 and GP01). If those are outdated, they have to remaster it, but only a selected few are given this treatment. Therefore I conclude, kits under RE/100 are the kits that you haven’t seen in a series proper (OVA or even a moview) AND kits that don’t require Bandai to reuse the mold. A special line just for these special kits.

But wait, there’s more, UPDATES!

HG 1/144 Neo Zeong Effect Part P-Bandai

Episode 7 of Unicorn OVA is finally released and together with its release, it gave us Neo Zeong! It doesn’t just appear there and that’s it, it showed its gimmicks and also, an effect part. I’m not certainly sure what it’s for or even if it has any purpose other than aesthetics, but for fans, this should be a must. This… will… definitely… be BIG!

RG 1/144 Rx-78-2 Casval’s P-Bandai

This ain’t that surprising, given that it’s just a recolor. But it’s interesting to see it in RG style.

MG 1/100 Hi-Nu ver Ka HWS P-Bandai

And here we thought that Nu ver Ka will be getting a HWS treatment, then there’s Bandai giving it out to Hi-Nu instead. Oh well.. I’m kinda interested, but given my situation, it won’t be possible I think.

MG 1/100 FAU (Red Psycho Frame) P-Bandai

I love the Unicorn and I love it the most when it’s red. Seeing a FAU in red psychoframe is good, but it’s godamn exclusive. Not again. If ever time comes, I’d love to get this, but I must have work first 😦

MG 1/100 OO Gundam 7S/G Inspection Colors P-Bandai

How can I say that I’ve been waiting for this? Well, given that it’s just nothing but a recolor and I’m about to get something, this doesn’t interest me that much anymore because I can just paint the regular one myself. However, I’m fairly sure that this will have something more than just a recolor, hopefully.

MG 1/100 S Gundam BST P-Bandai

I want this, I must have this oh effing holy damn!!! See the price? Yes, 10k+ yen and it’s gonna be expensive. Even more so because it is an exclusive. I’ll prioritize this out of the many since I can’t just mod any existing kit out there to recreate this.

Why so many exclusives?

I’m so sad for all of us international Gunpla fans. We can’t enjoy regular releases and have you ever wondered why? Piracy, companies like Bandai has to adjust because of piracy. Since Japan isn’t lenient in piracy, they are exclusively giving them these releases. They know that soon enough, BL companies will just pirate it or in the case of 3rd parties, they’ll improve it further. No point in giving us all of these when they won’t be getting as much out of it.


I still got tons of things to do in my blog, but I’m really waiting for something before I do my plan. Please hold on, it’s worth it!

(credits to the uploader, found them at GG)

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