MG 1/100 Destiny Impulse R Transcend

It’s been ages since my last build, worry not. The next one might be next or next next month ant won’t take year. In fact, I’m done building the kit as of now. I’m already in priming stage.

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Red Storm Signal No.9000 + Gunpla Cereal Bowl

I’m back? Well, I don’t think I can be as active as before, but I’m definitely back. Actually, I already started finishing my MG Destiny Impulse R and I’m about to. I can commit a lot of more time once I get to move. Yes, I’m moving from my parent’s to our condo unit. I’ll be alone so more time to do Gunpla without worrying. It’s also a good opportunity to learn life outside of your comfort zone, I’ll make it my new comfort zone.

I just noticed that I haven’t done a review for my MG Nu ver Ka, damn it! Who knew? Well, if I still have the pics at home, then I can do that. Will be doing those two actively, while Im doing my MG V-dash ver Ka during weekdays because I can’t really paint during those days. I’m very excited in doing that kit because it’s sooo gorgeous that I’m willing to misspell “so” just to emphasize my love for that kit. Still wishing MG V2 AB ver Ka this December :3

Anyway, I’ve made this post as an update, though I doubt that anyone actually watches out my blog. But if ever there are, I really appreciate it. I will be doing another LWM series and probably update some of tuts. Planning to do a in-depth pages about things. I’m excited about that! Basically, when you enter to college, you have a flowchart of subjects. So for all my tuts, I’ll refer you to some pages that has in-depth info that is needed in order for you to do the said technique. Pre-requisites for short, rang a bell? I have so many plans so I hope I’ll be able to pull this one of. Also, will try to do vids, but I’m not sure of that yet.

Now for the incoming Gunpla news, it’s RED and HOT. Very fitting for my blog’s theme and the season in my country. All the major releases are RED! I won’t be getting the RG one though. I’ll only mention the ones that caught my eye and here the ff:

MG 1/100 Red Warrior

This is the best news for me since it’s MG and it’s red. Another thing is that it doesn’t use the armor or it lacks the RG details that the 3.0 has. So basically, this uses 2.0 frame. It won’t make sense if it uses 3.0 frame then have simplified armor ain’t it? Anyway, regardless of the innerframe they’ll use, what’s more important for me is that they are sticking with simplistic look. Though I’d still buy it, I always prefer the simpler look of the 2.0s.

Even though this news is something I like very much, it seems an odd choice for me. I get it, it’s something they can produce easily given the number of RX-78-2 they have already released, but I don’t think this kit is something that anyone anticipates or has hype. But definitely not bad too. I’m anticipating MG Try/Build Burning TBH. The G-Self, though good looking and everyone’s expecting that, I don’t think we’ll get its MG anytime soon. I’ll be surprised though if it gets released before Burning.

RG 1/144 Red Frame

This beauty! Every model that Red Frame has is always good! The PG is good, the MG’s sick, and now the RG? What’s also good is that the inner frame is molded in different colors. Well, I like that, but that’s a bad news for painters since they have to mask even more. However, don’t think it’s something Bandai can avoid. Red Frame really has to go with this approach.

This release opens up for even more Astray Frames, looking at you Blue Frame. That’s pretty much given, IMO. But the question is, are they gonna release Green, Gold and others as well? If it’s undergated then it’s safe to speculate that Gold Frame will become an exclusive release or even regular if they want. But I hope it doesn’t go down the drain like MG Red and Blue Frame being both undergated but we didn’t get Gold Frame :3

SD EX-Standard Line

This is definitely a split line amongst SD kits. I’d like to treat them as RGfied SDs. Remember converge figs? These babies looks just like them and now in snapbuilt version. Definitely something that SD fans can look up to. It’s interesting to know if they’ll be having better color separation or still sticker reliant ones.

Some older news…

MG 1/100 Fin Funnel Effect Set (For MG Sazabi and RE/100 Nightingale)

I will buy this definitely since I’m gonna buy both, someday. It’s cool on how many pieces we’ll be getting out of this instead of just single effect part per funnel.

MG 1/100 Geara Doga Full Frontal Custom

I’ve really been holding out on this, but I think I’ll be getting this one. It’s cool, very cool indeed. But for someone who’s got an AB, don’t you think this one’s a waste? Perhaps, but I’m planning to recast the rifle, which is unique to this kit, then produce some for my REAL friends if they want. It’s red and I really like Geara Doga from the moment I saw it. It’s a grunt suit but it has an effing LED lights, man!

Looks like the drought for non-P-Bandai MG release is about to stop, hooray!


LWM3: Candytone Or Not?

Back with another LWM series. However, the next one might take a while. The rest would just be build and review posts. My Destiny Impulse really needs to get done and another and some more reviews, LOL! I’m getting a hang of this too much.

For the first experiment, I’ll do a technique called “powder sealing”. Yes, I named it myself cause I don’t know how to call it. For this experiment, we need our test pieces from before. The spoons that are painted and had some graphite powder on it. I’ll also do another experiment together with this but I’ll be using the once we painted with Alclad II Chrome.

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LWM2: Hidden Factor, Nozzle and Chroming

Hi everyone, time for another learn with me series.

First of, I was having a great time using my AB. However, due to over excitement and I have tendency of breaking things, I actually did. I haven’t really unscrew the nozzle. I once did and placed it back. Me wanting it very tight like it should be, I forced it and because of that, perhaps, it already broke at that point in time. I can use it still afterwards and I haven’t noticed that it already broke until the second time I unscrew it. So better be careful of that.

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GET! Extravaganza get…

Long time no haul? NOPE! A big no. I’m just waiting for the main one so that I can post them altogether.

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Learn With Me 1

Welcome to my first Learn With Me series, this’ll be the primer and man, I’ve learned a lot. And for sure, you will too.

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Gunpla Cereal Bowl Part 13: RE (Updated)

You might be wondering why the title is RE, in a bit, I’ll explain it to you why.

The 53rd Shizuoka Hobby Show 2014 have brought us many announced kits. Some of them are expected and some aren’t, a total surprise. But nevertheless, it gives us a lot of info. The list goes here (cr: GundamGuy)

MG 1/100 Hi-Nu Gundam Ver. Ka

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MG Destiny Impulse R Review

Ladies and gents, I’m back with another review and AT LAST, it’s another model kit review. I’m really excited to build this thing and so I did it. However, it won’t be finished until I get my hands into something. Once I receive that, I’ll continue on the build. In relation to that, I’m going to do a lot of tutorials. There will be quite a number of it that I’ll try in this kit and I’m excited on doing those.

Also do take note, I had an old review of Sword Impulse, however, that might be taken down because I’m about to do something. A revamp of the review itself + some more stuff that you have to watch out for.

Let me now shut my mouth or rather my fingers and proceed straight on to the review proper. So without further a do, here’s my take on the MG 1/100 Destiny Impulse R.

RD GNX-IV (Trans-am Version) Review

I’m back with yet, another review. It was just a short one like for most fig reviews. Anyway, this time, it’s a grunt unit. So what’s left is the Testament.

So now, without further a do, I present to you, RD GNX-IV Trans-am version review!

RD Extreme Gundam [type LEOS] Review

Hi guys! Like I’ve told ya, I’m back. Been prepping this review for a while, also took shots of my other figs so expect them to be reviewed soon. But for the mean time, my first review will be no other than…

..what the title says of course! The orange, the golden, the final boss for a Gundam game in PS3, the Extreme Gundam type LEOS!!