Part 3: Transcend

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Part 1: Review

Part 2: Build

Part 3: Transcend


Stuffs Used

A. In Bottles

None (YAY!)

B. In Spraycans

Tamiya Metallic Silver
Tamiya Clear Blue
Tamiya Clear Flat

Mr. Topcoat Gloss


C. Panel Line and Markers

.02 Copic Marker (Black) (For the non-white parts)
.02 Copic Marker (Warm Gray) (For the white parts)
Real Touch Marker (Red)
Real Touch Marker (Gray)

D. Tools

X-acto Knife
Tamiya Tweezers
Tamiya Tape
Mr. Masking Sol
Mr. Mark Setter
Tamiya Deluxe Cement
Tamiya Thin Cement
3M Sanding Sponge (Fine and Super Fine)
400 and 600 Grit Sand Papers


Let’s start of with its MA mode shall we?

The rest

Final Thoughts

G Aegis really surprised me. I know that there are a lot of channels more than the usual and they are unusual in looks in the first place, but still I got surprised. The number of decals is one. I can say that Katoki was heavily involved in designing new Seed MGs just based on the number of decals it has. Though one might argue because the placement of decals is quite weird.

It still has an RG feel for me, in terms of panel line amount. Funky, yet not over like RGs, which I like.

The metallic silver details I put can’t be seen at all, specifically, the pipings. That can be a good thing because they don’t look that good at all.

I was quite surprised that though I transformed this kit while it’s already painted, it didn’t get any scratch. I mean, wow. I got some minor scratches while I was posing Sinanju and moreover, it’s non-transformable.

I opt in painting the clear parts with clear blue instead of using the metallic foil stickers. The head benefited from that because it can be seen. The white and pink on the head doesn’t overpower the clear blue. However, for the rifle, since its color is gray, which is dark, the clear blue comes across as more black for most of the time, specially on the pictures.

The whole build was fun and now I’m more willing to wait for an MG Saviour though I would want to buy an NG 1/100 Saviour now. However, it’s quite rare nowadays.

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